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    10 Ways to Improve Mother-Infant Bonding

    Mother-Infant Bonding
    pixsee editor
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    Think about the last time you met someone new for the first time. It can feel awkward and stilted until you start getting to know one another better. This can take some time, but it's worth it when it results in a wonderful friendship!

    Bonding with your brand new baby is like bonding with any new person. Even though your little one has grown below your heart for months and months, it still might take you two some time to get acquainted! Mother-infant bonding is a process, but you’ll soon form a warm and healthy attachment with your little one.

    Why should you prioritize forming an intense mother and infant bond? Positive attachment stimulates brain development, which can lead to success in school and relationships for life. Plus, a strong attachment with a parent helps a baby feel safe and secure early in life, leading to better mental health outcomes later on. 

    Are you ready to form a tighter bond with your sweet baby? We've collected ten simple ways to improve mother-infant bonding. Keep reading to discover the true importance of bonding with your baby. 

    1. Skin-To-Skin Contact

    When you give birth in a hospital, someone will lay your baby on your chest right after birth. Pediatricians call this skin-to-skin contact or kangaroo care. It's even more effective when your baby's head can rest on the left side of your chest, above your heart. 

    To practice skin-to-skin bonding at home, simply place your baby on your bare chest and cover them with a blanket. Make sure your baby's skin is touching yours. Try to remain in that position for about an hour. 

    This has many benefits, including helping improve a mother's milk production. Most importantly, it can make your baby feel safer and more secure. 

    2. Make Eye Contact

    Do you remember the popular study that included 36 questions that could help any two people fall in love? The final step in the process involved sustaining eye contact for four full minutes. That level of vulnerability is key to forming strong attachments—and that goes for babies and adults alike!

    Make eye contact with your baby during skin-to-skin contact, while feeding, or simply while holding them in your arms. This will encourage the production of chemicals and hormones in the brain that can lead to happiness!

    3. Give Baby a Bath

    The more time you spend touching your baby and tending to their needs, the better! Bath time is a wonderful opportunity to engage with your baby one-on-one. Talk to your baby, look into their eyes, and enjoy each other's company during this soothing, relaxing routine. 

    4. Listen and Respond

    Babies may not be able to talk, but that doesn't mean they won't try to communicate! Every little sound they make helps them learn more about their world and their voice. When you listen and respond to your baby, you can help them understand that they are a person worth listening to!

    When your baby makes a sound, echo it back to them. This might feel silly, and you may be making a lot of the same noises while your baby's palate develops! Don't give up, because the long-term benefits are worth it!

    5. Learn What Baby Loves

    Every baby is an individual, including yours! Some babies love bouncing, others prefer rocking, and some babies adore time in the swing. Figure out what your baby loves and spend some time making them happy! 

    This will help your baby understand that you're paying attention, which leads to a feeling of security. They will begin to associate your presence with that warm, safe feeling! 

    6. Narrate Your Life

    Your baby wants to know that you're around. After all, they've been listening to your voice since they were in the womb!

    If you gently narrate while completing tasks, such as diaper changes, they will feel more comfortable. It will even kickstart their language development!

    When you can't be around to change those diapers, let your pixsee smart baby camera help. It's equipped with quality two-way talk and voice recording capabilities. The high-sensitivity microphone with dual noise cancellation will help you stay connected to your sweet baby, whether you're across the country or in the next room. 

    7. Read a Book Together

    The more your baby hears your voice, the better! Sit with your baby and read a simple children's book out loud. Babies love rhythm, so choose something with a refrain or gentle rhyme scheme. 

    This is also a great way for another parent or caregiver to try bonding with mother and infant. At storytime, the more the merrier! 

    8. Soothe Swiftly

    Respond to your baby at the first sign of discomfort. Help them to understand that you're a safe person who will always be there to help soothe them in times of distress. Go to your baby as efficiently as possible and cuddle them so they know their cries are being heard and acknowledged. 

    9. Sing a Song

    When you cannot hold your baby in your arms, the next best thing that you can do is sing a song! Often, when adults speak to babies, their voices automatically take on a sing-song pitch. This can help babies become more alert, and can even transmit more emotion than speaking alone. 

    When you can't sing in person, use the voice recorder on your pixsee smart baby camera. Routine makes babies feel secure, so there will be no distance between you and your sweet baby. 

    10. Try a Massage

    Adults aren't the only ones who enjoy a nice massage! Apply a bit of oil or lotion to your baby's skin after a bath and before bedtime. Be gentle, and smile and talk to your baby as you softly massage each part of their body. 

    Mother-Infant Bonding Matters

    Newborn babies are brand new people who don't yet understand their own needs. When a baby knows that a safe adult is there to take care of them, they can dedicate their resources to growing, developing, and exploring. Mother-infant bonding can set your little one up for a lifetime of glorious discoveries!

    The importance of bonding with a baby cannot be understated. With a pixsee smart baby monitor, you can eliminate the distance between you and your little one, near or far. Visit our online store to see how a pixsee Smart Cam can transform the way you interact with your infant. 

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    publish:July 21, 2022, update:September 26, 2022

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