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    25 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas that Won the Internet

    pixsee editor
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    Over the years, we’ve seen how the internet has changed the way we normally do things, and we can’t be thankful enough that our generation gets to enjoy all of the benefits that the internet has to offer. From lifestyle choices to career pathways, all the way down to the minute details of our daily life engagements, we’ve been influenced by the information and insights we get from online sources in more ways than one.

    Want to know what else has been making waves on the internet lately? Pregnancy announcements!

    That’s right! Try to look it up on the internet, particularly on your social media feeds, and you’ll see that a lot of interesting and creative ways have been introduced – all thanks to everyone who shared their memorable moments on the internet for others to draw inspiration from. Indeed, the internet has given us a whole new way to experience the wonderful joys of this blissful moment.

    Before You Make the Big Announcement

    Now that you're thinking about using social media to announce your pregnancy, here are a few things to keep in mind before you hit the 'post' or 'share' button.

    • Deciding whether to share or not your pregnancy on social media is a personal decision and this shouldn’t make you feel pressured in any way.
    • Before posting anything on social media platforms, be sure you've told everyone who needs to know in person.
    • It's better not to put up information that might encourage others to ask questions you don’t want to answer.

    Best Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on the Internet

    We don't want you to stress yourself out by trying to come up with the most unique, creative, fun, and heart fluttering way of announcing your pregnancy. So, ready and excited to post your pregnancy news on social media? Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm:

    1. Post your ultrasound photos

    This one is quite simple, yet it works best every time because even without a lengthy caption, everyone will get the idea right away. Some may even look for your name in the photo just to make sure that it’s not one of your pranks, so don’t forget to include that part of the snap as well.

    2. Announce your pregnancy with a custom onesie

    Whether you hang it, or display it on a flat surface paired with tiny socks and mittens, a custom onesie will always make a cute pregnancy announcement. With all the fun prints you can put on it such as “coming soon”, “quarantine baby”, or “I’m the last one seriously”, there’s no way your friends won't gush about your pregnancy.

    3. Let your other children wear number shirts

    If this is your second or third pregnancy, you can order printed shirts with numbers indicating who is the eldest to the youngest and place a "little sibling" onesie next to them. If your other kids have no knowledge yet of your pregnancy, this will come as a surprise to them as well.

    4. Include your fur babies

    Your fur buddies can also make a pretty awesome messenger for your pregnancy news on the internet. Whether you tie a pregnancy reveal bib around your dog's neck or leave a funny message alongside them that says "I thought I was your only baby,” we’re sure anyone who is a dog and cat lover will not miss sharing your posts on their own social media feeds.

    5. Spell it through letter boards

    Letter boards are nice because as a couple, you can put whatever you want on it and be as straightforward or as funny as you want to be. You can even style the board for a more visually appealing effect by adding cute items such as onesies or baby shoes.

    6. Display your pregnancy test kits

    Remember the idea of gift-wrapping pregnancy test kits to surprise one’s husband or family members? You can do the same thing on social media, but this time, simply line them up and let your captions do the rest.

    7. Read some baby books

    Although your baby bump may not be evident yet in the first trimester, baby books can make a wonderful item to cure one's pregnancy. Whether your background is in the terrace, in your bedroom, or even outdoors, you’ll look perfect with a book in your hand.

    8. Have a fun photo shoot with the whole fam

    If you've already surprised your entire family with your pregnancy at one of your family photoshoots, why not post some of those candid snaps on social media as well? We're sure they haven't gotten over the excitement either.

    9. Go with the coffee mug announcement

    While consuming a high dosage of caffeine every day is not recommended when you're pregnant, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a coffee mug anymore. This time however, it would be for your pregnancy announcement. For a more dramatic effect, color changing mugs are a good option.

    10. Put the baby essentials on a pizza box

    If you and your hubby enjoy pizza nights, why not repurpose a pizza box by putting some cute onesies and boots on it? After all, there’s nothing quite like getting creative with reusable materials.

    11. Empty baby seat at the dinner table

    At the dinner table, save another seat and take a photo with the caption "there's always room for one more at our table." This is applicable whether it is your first, second, or third pregnancy, and so on.

    12. Make a movie poster

    If you want a little different, something cute, yet funny when announcing your pregnancy online, then a movie poster will never fail. We won't be surprised anymore if your post goes viral.

    13. Try the pregnancy reveal hat

    If you love hats and love wearing them, you should do this to reveal your pregnancy. For instance, a floppy beach hat with custom-made writing on it such as "baby on board" is sure to impress your friends.

    14. Write a pregnancy note on your belly

    The baby bump reveal is quickly becoming an online favorite for all the good reasons. So, flaunt ahead your baby bump and for a much cuter effect, ink it with words like “coming soon” or “baby loading”.

    15. Say it through a special artwork

    They say that an artwork elicits a sense of wonder to anyone who's seen it. So, whether it’s a sketch portrait of you holding your belly bump, a painting of your baby essentials, or a sculpture of tiny little hands and feet, your announcement will always leave a lasting impression.

    16. Tell it through your hobby

    Are you a card designer? Or a plant collector perhaps? Show off what skills you’ve got by incorporating them in your pregnancy announcement. After all, it's only natural to share your creative interests with others for them to be inspired as well. 

    17. Make the announcement through a pregnancy shirt

    Regardless of how many times you’ve seen this one on the internet, it will never go out of style because, aside from the fact that it can be done effortlessly, you have limitless options to actually pull this off.

    18. Baby shoes make for perfect pregnancy announcement

    How about sharing a sneak peek of your little one’s pair of shoes on your friends' social media feeds? Surely, they’ll be looking forward to seeing your next post of your baby’s little feet wearing them.

    19. Share some baby photos of you and your husband

    At first, they may only think those baby photos are part of your throwback posts. Let them find out that they were mistaken after all by including a photo of framed sonogram perhaps in the last part of the post, which they would certainly not expect.

    20. Themed pregnancy announcement appropriate for the season

    Although pregnancy can come in the most unexpected of times, it surely will fall within one of the four seasons. Got pregnant during the beautiful spring season or the hot summer season maybe? Then make sure to include in your pregnancy announcement anything that signifies the season.

    21. Bake the good news

    If baking is your thing, then why not do a baking pregnancy announcement? You can bake a few cookies, doughnuts, or a cake shaped as something baby related or with your due date on top.

    22. Let people guess with a puzzle

    Everyone likes a challenge, especially one that comes in the form of riddles and puzzles. Make your friends and family rack up their brains to get the answer to your riddle, and imagine the smiles on their faces when they finally figure it out.

    23. Use pregnancy announcement cards

    Another way to surprise everyone on the internet is with beautifully designed pregnancy announcement cards. Whether you prefer to have it DIY, or simply order one online, make sure the message is legible.

    24. Wear matching jerseys with your partner

    If you and your husband are both sports fans, you should have no trouble agreeing on this pregnancy announcement idea. You can even go to a field to take an epic photo.

    25. Go all out with a maternity shoot

    These days, maternity photo shoots are all the rage, and expectant mothers are now becoming more creative and visionary about how they want the entire photo shoot to turn out. So, if this has always been one of your plans, we see no reason why you shouldn't go ahead with it. No matter what style you go for, you’ll always look perfect just as you always are.

    Final Thoughts

    Social media can be a wonderful way to get the news out there to your friends and family who live far away and cannot be reached personally. Know also that once you break the news, word will spread fast, and everyone will know that you’re expecting, even those whom you don't personally know. 

    As always, sharing your pregnancy news is a very personal decision. Whatever you decide, we want you to feel confident whether you decide to spill the beans five minutes or 5 months after discovering it. 

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    publish:June 14, 2022, update:June 14, 2022

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