clearly as if you were in the same room

    I’m so excited to receive this baby monitor from !                                                                              Not only it looks so cute, it provides clarity

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    I have so much peace of mind with my FHD pixsee smart baby monitor

    I have so much peace of mind with my FHD smart baby monitor from ⁣ With cry detection, sound and motion alerts are sent directly to my phone. Nighthawk mode ensures the

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    Do your kids like to spend time in their room?

    We moved most of Soren’s toys to his room which means he is spending a lot more time in there. It’s so convenient having a monitor that is HD with video AND audio from . Some

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    pixsee, the design is the cutest!

    i can remember when harper was just a baby, being a new mama TERRIFIED me.  i felt like i had to have her beside me at ALL times, and i never left her side, ever. i only wish i had known

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