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    Baby Camera 101: How to Choose a Smart Baby Monitor

    As a new parent, you are moving onto an exciting new chapter of your life! To make this transition to parenthood even more manageable and less stressful, you must find high-quality baby

    editor's picks | 8 minutes read

    Pixsee vs Cubo AI Plus: An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

    After being asked what parents wish they would have done differently, sixty-three percent said they wished they had more taken more photos of their babies. Parents always warn how fast time

    editor's picks | 9 minutes read

    Pixsee vs. Miku Pro: Which Smart Baby Monitor Should You Choose?

    Poor sleep quality is linked to having a mutually reinforcing role in several mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. As a new parent, there's no doubt you'll

    editor's picks | 8 minutes read

    How To Capture the Perfect Candid Baby Photo

    You can easily carry your precious newborn in two cupped palms, but tiny babies don't stay small for long. If you blink, your precious newborn will double in size, and before long, they'll

    editor's picks | 6 minutes read

    Why You Need a Smart Baby Camera for the Perfect Candid Shots

    Do you remember disposable cameras? Parents used to have to wind their own film, drop it off, and wait days to see if they'd captured any great shots of their babies. A misplaced thumb in

    editor's picks | 6 minutes read

    When Should You Stop Using Baby Monitor?: 6 Factors to Consider

    One day you will find yourself holding up your newborn's impossibly tiny clothing, agonizing over whether to keep it, donate it, or toss it away. It's surprising how sentimental you can get

    editor's picks | 6 minutes read

    Top 5 Baby Camera Features Parents Love About Pixsee

    In 2022, as many as 64% of pregnant moms had a baby shower to welcome their sweet little ones to the world. The odds are good that you'll soon find yourself buried in ripped wrapping paper

    editor's picks | 6 minutes read

    The Highest Quality Baby Monitor Compatible With iPhone

    Did you know that the world's first baby monitor became commercially available in 1937? Back then, most households owned bakelite rotary telephones. Needless to say, a phone-compatible baby

    editor's picks | 6 minutes read

    What Makes a Baby Camera Smart?

    The first baby monitors did not appear on store shelves until 1937. Early devices were primitive radios that could do little more than transmit sound one way between the baby's room and a

    editor's picks | 6 minutes read

    pixsee vs. Nanit Pro : Which Baby Monitor is Best?

    The first baby monitor wasn't invented until 1937. Before this imperative invention for new parents, mothers and fathers had to rely on their instincts to check on their babies during

    editor's picks | 8 minutes read

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