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    5 Crib Accessories You Didn’t Know You Need - But Can’t Live Without

    Crib Accessories
    pixsee editor
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    Once your sweet little one learns to sleep through the night, you can expect them to sleep up to fifteen hours each day. That's a lot of time to spend in the crib! While your baby is laying on her back and looking up at the world, what do you want her to see?

    At pixsee, we value whimsical, fun, boutique-level products. Why shouldn't you expose your child to well-made designs from an early age? So many of our favorite crib accessories combine form and function in wonderful and innovative ways. 

    We've curated this list of five of our favorite accessories for your baby crib, from sleep sacks to bumpers! We'd be remiss if we didn't include a nod to our playful chic pixsee smart baby monitor!

    Each of these baby crib accessories will help your sleepy little love to snuggle in style! Keep reading to find your new favorite! 

    1. Braided Crib Bumper

    Once your baby is twelve months old, it's safe to introduce crib bumpers! These stylish crib accessories can help keep mobile little ones safe as they begin to move, groove, and explore their surroundings. A braided crib bumper can improve safety while adding a stylish braided accent to the interior of your baby's crib.

    Not only that, but these crib bumpers are fully convertible crib accessories! Each one is a removable pillow that you can incorporate into your tummy time routine. You can include your bumper directly into your nursery decor, too.

    Parents sleep easier when they know their baby will be safe in the crib. A high-quality bumper can prevent bumps while adding a sweet aesthetic flair! After all, nothing is less stylish than a big, yellow bruise.

    2. Sleep Sack Swaddles

    Baby sleep sack for swaddlingSome accessories can keep your baby safe in their crib before they are a year old. Our favorite accessory for parents of young infants is a sleep sack swaddle. This wearable blanket helps swaddle your baby while reducing their risk of SIDS. 

    Halo sleep sacks are adjustable, so they adapt to your baby's sleep style. Your baby will feel secure whether they sleep with their arms in or out. They'll stay nice and warm all night long without the need for blankets. 

    Babies love to sleep in a swaddled position because it makes them feel secure. Sleeping in a cozy sleep sack is a lot like snuggling up in the womb! A great swaddle ensures your baby stays safely on their back all night long. 

    3. Blackout Curtains


    Babies thrive on routines. If you darken the room during bedtime, your little one will learn that darkness means it's time to settle down. It also means that the slightest sliver of light has the power to keep them up. 

    Blackout curtains can be life-changing crib accessories for babies who need perfect darkness to settle down. Best of all, premium blackout curtains come in a range of sweet colors and designs. Your nursery will look great at playtime and fall into perfect darkness at naptime. 

    4. Fun Crib Sheets

    Some crib accessories are just for fun! A decorative crib sheet is a wonderful way to add a pop of color and whimsy to your nursery design!  You can switch your baby's sheets out regularly, adding a sense of variety to your well-curated aesthetic. 

    When you use a smart video monitor like the pixsee smart cam, a camera will be capturing beautiful moments, even while your baby's relaxing in the crib. Each of those moments is only enhanced with a colorful, friendly backdrop. A sweet crib sheet adds an element of fun to every image of your precious baby. 

    An organized, well-coordinated nursery can help reduce stress and put you in a better mood. You will make so many wonderful memories in your baby's room. Taking care to curate an attractive space can ensure those memories are warm, cozy, and full of love.

    5. pixsee Smart Baby Monitor


    Last, but certainly not least, is the pixsee smart baby monitor! Not only is our app the recipient of a 2021 iF design award, but the camera is a new industry standard for design excellence. Your baby will love staring up at the sweet, boutique-inspired smart cam. 

    We believe that the most essential crib accessories both look great and make your life easier. The pixsee smart cam can help you capture your baby's firsts as they happen. It records clear, hands-free photos, audio, and video, even in complete darkness. 

    It's also one of very few baby crib accessories that can bring you peace of mind, day or night. The pixsee smart baby monitor offers features such as covered face detection, temperature alerts, and cry detection. When there's a pixsee smart cam mounted above the crib, it's like there is no distance between you and your sweet baby.

    The award-winning app adds other fun elements that will help your baby rise and shine with joy! We love features like the smart music box, with a curated selection of parenting music that every baby loves!

    Crib Accessories for Sleepy, Stylish Sweethearts

    Many of these accessories are worthwhile for their boutique-inspired aesthetic alone. At pixsee, we believe the best crib accessories do more than decorate a room. A great accessory can become a trusted parenting companion, providing peace of mind so you and your baby can both sleep easily.

    There is no crib accessory more essential than the pixsee smart baby monitor. This world-changing tool fits perfectly in any space to meet your discerning taste and style! Visit our online store to get started making memories with pixsee

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    publish:June 28, 2022, update:September 26, 2022

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