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    Do You Even Need a Smart Baby Camera?

    pixsee editor
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    By the end of the year, there will be approximately 63 million connected (or "smart") homes in the United States. If you're a fan of science fiction, this move toward smart tech might make you a little nervous. Do we really need connected homes, or are we inviting trouble?

    The odds are good that you're reading this article on your smartphone while connected to a Wi-Fi network. Perhaps you're listening to music on a smart speaker, while a smart thermostat keeps your room comfortable and a smart appliance illuminates the room. At Pixsee, we believe a smart baby camera is another high-tech tool that can make your life easier, especially if you have your hands full with a new baby.

    What makes a Pixsee smart baby monitor the smart choice for busy, tech-savvy families? It combines AI technology, the award-winning Pixsee app, and quality hardware built to get the job done. Once you recognize what a single smart camera has to offer, you won't be able to go back to an analog baby monitor.

    Read on to explore the features that make Pixsee the best choice for busy families craving connection.

    What Is a Smart Baby Camera?


    Baby monitors have come a long way since they first appeared on store shelves. For many generations, a baby monitor was a simple walkie-talkie system that required parents to carry a heavy parent unit to hear staticky audio of their sleeping baby. Video units eventually came along, which were grainy, with poor night vision technology and even more cumbersome hardware.

    In contrast, a smart baby camera is a sleek, stylish boutique-quality device that you can mount nearly anywhere. Rather than a wearable or parent unit, families can access the live feed on their phones via Wi-Fi. The advanced hardware allows for crystal-clear night vision and audio, whether or not you're near your baby.

    From there, smart cameras like Pixsee go above and beyond to offer features that create peace of mind. Your smart camera utilizes AI technology to decode your baby's cries, to detect object, facial expressions, and family interaction in the room. Sensors on your camera can provide real-time updates about temperature and humidity, so you never have to wonder if your sweet baby is comfortable.

    Features like two-way talk, a curated parenting music box, and pre-recorded messages make it possible to soothe a baby from another room. If anything is wrong, you'll get a notification on your phone. Communicating with caregivers or managing a busy lifestyle has never been easier.

    Additionally, Pixsee's AI Smart Capture is a vital tool for capturing precious moments of your sweet baby. The 5MP camera will automatically capture those adorable facial expressions. You can add photos and videos to your digital album or share them with friends and family from the app.

    What Can a Smart Camera Do?

    Author Elizabeth Stone wrote, "Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

    It can be nerve-wracking to step away from your sweet baby for the first time. That baby is your heart, and you are its protector. Ensure that your baby monitor includes features that allow you to do your job as a new mom and keep that precious little one safe.

    Here are a few features that help new parents find peace of mind, eliminating the distance between them and their baby.

    AI Cry Decoder and Smart Music Box

    Pixsee_Cry Detection

    Imagine your baby is napping in the next room, and you finally have a few minutes to get things done in the kitchen. You're in the middle of a task when your phone alerts you to a soft, mewling cry. That's when Pixsee's cry decoder technology lets you know that your baby is just fussy.

    Rather than cleaning up and leaving your task unfinished on the counter, you can tap a button on your phone. Your Pixsee will begin playing music, white noise, or a recording of your soothing voice. Your baby will drift back to sleep, and you can finish up in peace.

    Automatic Capture and Video Playback


    You are on the floor interacting with your baby while your Pixsee camera keeps vigil in the corner. Suddenly, your wiggly baby does something incredible and rolls over for the first time! Your phone is on the charger, and you won't be able to grab it in time to capture a video for your family.

    Luckily, Pixsee caught it all. You can access up to twenty-four hours of video playback and watch the big moment in stunning high-definition.

    You don't need to be present to experience some of your baby's most precious moments, either. The built-in AI uses advanced algorithms to know when to capture and you can manually capture that moment as well. Your smart camera will take between six and twelve images each day so that you won't miss a single smile, silly expression or the interaction.

    Temperature and Humidity Sensors


    You're experiencing a change of season, and your six-month-old will spend her first nights alone in the nursery during a cold winter. You are new to navigating the climate control features in your home, and you're worried your baby won't be comfortable. You have a humidifier set up in the nursery, but you're nervous that there will be a learning curve.

    The humidity sensors on your Pixsee camera work with the Pixsee app to notify you of any temperature or humidity changes. You receive an alert if the room becomes too humid or needs more moisture to keep your baby comfortable. Also, the covered face and area detections will help you lessen any what-ifs. You can sleep easily, knowing that your sweet baby is comfortable in her crib.

    Simplify Connection With a Smart Baby Camera

    Some people believe that technology makes it harder for humans to connect. The Pixsee smart baby camera fixes that problem, offering features encouraging new parents to focus on bonding with their sweet baby from anywhere. All you need to get started is a Wi-Fi connection. Download the award-winning Pixsee app to access additional features that can help you ease into a comfortable daily routine.

    Visit our Pixsee Shop or Amazon online store to discover the ways that Pixsee helps families connect.

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    publish:December 2, 2022, update:March 13, 2024

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