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    How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need? A Guide for New Parents

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    Congratulations, you're expecting a little bundle of joy in the next few months, and it's time to start preparing for their arrival. One thing parents begin to wonder before their baby makes their grand entrance is, how many baby clothes do I need?

    Answering this question is challenging because your baby's needs might not be the same as others because of your lifestyle. However, our guide will discuss some of the factors you may need to consider before filling the nursery dresser with newborn clothes.

    Get ready to gain some insight into infant clothing sizes below. Let's kick things off with the factors that might change the number of clothes you'll need to purchase for your baby.

    How Often Do You Do Laundry?

    Washing baby clothes

    When babies are younger, the only things they do are eat, sleep, and use the bathroom. Often you'll find your baby might spit up or drool on the clothes they're wearing, and it will need to be washed. 

    The first factor to consider when buying baby clothes is how often you intend to do laundry. If doing laundry in your home is routine, purchasing only a small amount of clothing won't be a problem because you'll be washing one outfit while your baby wears another.

    However, if you don't do laundry every week in your home, you might need a few more outfits to accommodate this schedule.

    Where Do You Live?

    Your baby must remain comfortable no matter what they're wearing. Before visiting your local store to buy baby clothes, think about the environment you live in.

    If you live in a state where it's known to be cold, it'll be vital you purchase more jackets, socks, and long-sleeved onesies to put on your child. This will keep them warm when you're traveling or attending different family events.

    Keep in mind even if you live in a cooler environment, you'll need to adjust the internal temperature of your home for your child. Babies don't regulate their body temperatures in the same way adults do.

    Therefore, dressing your child in clothing that's made out of fleece can cause them to overheat

    Transportation Needs of the Baby

    How Many Baby Outfits Do You Need?

    There are many ways to transport your baby from place to place, including being worn in a baby carrier or placed in a stroller and rolled along. It's essential to think about the transportation methods you'll use for your child.

    This will dictate the types of outfits you need to purchase for your child to ensure they remain comfortable whenever you're traveling. 

    For example, if you live in a warm state, your child might need a hat to protect them from the sun and short-sleeved onesies to keep them cool.

    With that being said, let's get into the list of things you need for your newborn. 

    Grab the Basics

    There are a few basics every baby needs, including items like:

    • Onesies
    • Shorts
    • Pants
    • Swimsuit

    In the first few weeks of your baby's life, they'll go through a cycle of different onesies, and there will even be times when you don't dress them in anything at all. We recommend having a handful of onesies and other clothing items mentioned above.

    This is helpful if your child has an accident or you need to make a quick clothing change. Don't forget to put a clean change of clothes in your baby bag for emergencies.

    Sleeper Pajamas

    Before your baby learns to roll over, you need to ensure their crib is clear of all blankets and other objects that could prove to be suffocation risks. Because your baby won't be sleeping with blankets as you do, you'll need to have pajamas to dress them in and keep them warm.

    You should purchase pajamas that cover your child's feet and hands. Covering their feet will keep them warm, and protecting their hands will reduce the chances of your baby scratching themselves in their sleep.

    Swaddling Blankets

    Sometimes swaddling your baby is the only way to soothe them when they're fussy. The reason swaddling your baby is soothing is because it mimics the feeling your child felt when they were in your womb.

    Swaddling blankets should be light to ensure your child doesn't become overheated when they're sleeping. Swaddling your baby also reduces the chances of your child startling themselves in their sleep, which can cause them to wake up throughout the night.

    Long Sleeves & Sweaters

    When it gets cold outside, your baby will need to be dressed in warmer clothing. When it comes to jackets and sweaters, you'll only need a few because your baby won't be wearing them inside.

    They will only have the jacket or sweater on when you're traveling or attending an event. You should also purchase items to cover the feet and hands of your child when it's cooler outside.

    Other Newborn Essentials

    Beyond the clothing you need for your child, there are other essentials to buy. First, you'll need to purchase either a bassinet or crib for your baby to sleep in because they need their own space.

    You should also consider purchasing a baby monitor that allows you to keep an eye on your child when they're sleeping without disturbing them. We also recommend buying some hanging storage baskets to make the most of the space in your baby's nursery.

    Bottom Line: How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need?

    As you can tell, it's hard to answer the question of how many baby clothes because there are so many different variables to consider for your baby’s specific needs. That being said, here’s a general guideline to help get you started. 

    How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need?

    Now that you’re figured out how many baby clothes you need, what other baby must haves are on your list? If you’re looking for a smart baby monitor that can help with sleep training and ensure you never miss a precious moment with your little one, be sure to check out pixsee! 

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    publish:March 1, 2022, update:March 1, 2022

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