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    How to Announce Pregnancy to Your Grandparents

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    The times you spent at your grandparents' place are probably one of your favorite childhood memories. Whether it be during long holidays, special occasions, or just a weekend stay, a visit to your grandparents is always a happy and beautiful experience.

    Yes, there is no doubt about your parents' love for you and the all-out support they'll give you in all major life decisions. Aside from their caring personalities, they’re also someone whom you can talk to without feeling judged because boundaries aren't their thing when it comes to their grandchildren.

    And now that you’re about to become a mom, they’re one of the first few special people that you’d like to hear the exciting news first. Sure, you can't wait to tell them about your pregnancy, but do you have any elaborate ideas for how to 'actually' do it?

    Here’s one very important rule to remember: never, ever casually announce your pregnancy to them – instead, do it in the most unexpected, creative, exciting, and unique way possible because they deserve nothing but the best surprise.

    Fun Ways to Surprise Your Grandparents with Your Pregnancy

    We’ve rounded up some fun pregnancy reveal ideas perfect for breaking the news to your grandma and grandpa any time of year.

    1. Have a fun photo shoot with the whole fam

    Your unsuspecting grandparents (and even the rest of the family, except your husband) would just think of this photo shoot as simply an occasion to capture great smiles and bond with your family. When they’re ready to show off their big smiles, have them count one, two, and say “I’m pregnant”. Have your photographer to also videotape your photo shoot session so you can relive those priceless reactions at any time.

    2. Give them scratch off lottery tickets

    In some way, discovering the miracle of your pregnancy is like learning you've won the lotto. Guess what, your grandparents will feel like they've won the lottery when they scratch these novelty lottery tickets to reveal the message: "We're having a baby." The games on the card are simple and easy to understand, so they'll know the big news in a matter of seconds.

    3. Replace their old coffee mugs

    You’ve seen how much your grandparents love their coffee mugs, and these are items that they always have on hand. But perhaps now is the time to replace them with new ones, and with a twist this time. What better way to greet them in the morning than with a color changing mug that tells them you're pregnant? You can write a special message on the mug, such as "Surprise, you're going to be a grandma/grandpa!," which will be revealed after they pour hot water on it.

    4. Send a personalized gift

    If you are unable to personally meet with your grandparents because they live in a distant state, you can still surprise them with your pregnancy by sending them a personalized gift that will have them in tears. A framed sonogram, a necklace with a special carving, new grandma/grandpa fridge magnets, or grandparenting books could all be nice gifts. Don’t forget to video call them when your package arrives so you’ll be there virtually when they open it.

    5. Hand them a stack of photos, one of which is sonogram

    Surprise or excite your grandparents with a sneak peek of your precious little one. To do this without being too obvious, simply hand them a stack of photos from your childhood adventures with them, which will bring them back to that nostalgic feeling of having little ones to love and care for. And, when they pull out the last photo, there they’ll see your little bundle of joy who will fill their hearts with happiness once more.

    6. Seek for their second opinion for your baby’s outfits

    The life advice we get from our grandparents is the kind of wisdom we can't get from anyone or anywhere else. Which is why, it would be such a brilliant pregnancy reveal plan to ask for their thoughts about the baby items you’ve already bought. You can video call them and ask if they approve of this cardigan set, onesie, or sleeper sack for their future grandchild. Let them figure out on their own what your questions are all about because that is the most exciting part.

    7. Give them a box of sweet treats

    You can never go wrong with giving your beloved grandparents a box of delectable assortments to reveal that you’re expecting. You can get one of those big chocolate boxes with the letters I’M HAVING A BABY written on each chocolate, or you can bring cookies shaped like socks and mittens, strollers, rattles, and other baby items.  To avoid giving away the secret before it is served, put on your best act about why you're giving them a box of treats.

    8. Challenge them to a game of scrabble

    If family game night is a thing for your family, then you just found the perfect way to reveal your pregnancy to everyone who’ll be joining, including your grandparents. Suggest that you play a scrabble game with your grandpa or grandma and take your turn first, so you can spell out "I'm pregnant" or "baby coming soon" on your first try. If they have a hard time making sense of the words, insist that they look closer.

    9. Serve them with personalized fortune cookies

    Congratulate your grandparents on their new role to take for the coming of your baby, and tell them about it with delicious, personalized fortune cookies. You can make the cookies yourself or you can order them from online shops or a nearby store. Individually wrap the cookie and put a small note in each, such as “we’re pregnant” or  "you've been promoted to grandma/grandpa."

    10. Get older siblings wear number shirts

    If this is your second or third pregnancy, you can order printed shirts with numbers indicating who is the eldest to the youngest and place a "little sibling" onesie next to them. It's even more exciting to do this surprise in person during their visit to your home. If your other kids have no knowledge yet of your pregnancy, this will come as a surprise to them as well.

    In the eyes of your grandparents, you’d always be their little girl whose stories they'd never get tired of hearing all day. And now that you’re about to make a family of your own, they’ll love your little one just as much as they loved you, if not more!

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    publish:June 14, 2022, update:June 14, 2022

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