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    clearly as if you were in the same room

    Daphne Maisog-tamsi
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    I’m so excited to receive this baby monitor from @pixsee.global !                                                                              Not only it looks so cute, it provides clarity and peace of mind while relieving your anxiety by showing you your child’s activities as clearly as if you were in the same room. Day or Night.🙌🏼

    By now, I already shared our beautiful secret and i’m more than excited to use this monitor when the baby is born. It has a cry decoder that will help you understand how to attend when your baby is crying.
    Other features that I love:
    • Stable connection (wi-fi)
    • App is working properly
    • Build quality (both the monitor and stand)
    • Two-way speaker (to talk with your baby) and speaker sound quality

    Check out my stories in the next few days. I’ll be sharing with you the video quality and how their app is so user-friendly.🙌🏼😊 Also sharing you a close up of the monitor today.🤗

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    post source: IG _daphnekbmt


    publish:January 4, 2022, update:January 4, 2022

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