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    Must-Listen Pregnancy Podcasts for Moms-to-Be

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    As you're reading this, there are more than four million podcasts available for download, with more episodes added every day. This free, accessible audio medium makes it possible to learn about nearly any topic, even if you have your hands full with work, parenting, or nursery prep.

    After all, no one is busier than a mom-to-be as she prepares her home for a new baby. Pregnancy podcasts make it possible to tackle research, even while sitting in your OB-GYN's waiting room. Wading through those four million podcasts to find a winner can seem impossible if you're balancing appointments, preparations, and side effects.

    We know you're busy, so we took the time to seek out a few phenomenal podcasts. Each one is loaded with accurate information, fun personalities, and life-changing parenting tips. We've described each podcast below, so you can download the episodes that will be most helpful to you right now.

    Read on to discover your new favorite pregnancy podcast. You'll pick up some excellent parenting advice from some of the most vibrant personalities out there.


    The doula Adriana Lozada hosts the Birthful podcast, which currently boasts over 300 unique episodes. Each episode features a different expert guest, including experienced moms, working doulas, medical professionals, and more.

    Episodes frequently feature compelling birth stories. Adriana is a former journalist, and she knows exactly what questions to ask to keep the momentum going. Each story is original and compelling and can help put a future mom's mind at ease.

    The episodes are non-sequential, so you can download any episode at any time and dive right in. There is a large community surrounding this podcast, and many listeners stay loyal after they've welcomed their baby. You might even become a guest one day.

    The Birth Hour

    If you love birth stories as much as we do, you'll adore The Birth Hour. Episodes alternate between first-person birth stories from newborn parents and informative conversations featuring actionable parenting tips. Bryn Huntpalmer, an experienced mother of three, hosts each episode with compassion and wit.

    This podcast is notable for its broad range of topics. You can find stories about VBAC, cesarean births, hypnobirthing, surrogacy, and homebirths. There are also many stories centering BIPOC mothers, so every mom has a voice in the conversation.

    If you fall in love with Bryn, there's no need to stop listening when your baby arrives. There are many stories about postpartum life, including ways to cope with postpartum depression. We're sure this podcast (and the TBH community) will help you feel less alone.

    PregTASTIC Podcast

    Many pregnant women look to podcasts to learn as much as they can about labor and delivery. If you'd like to hear from experts, you can't go wrong with the PregTASTIC podcast. This compelling podcast features over 200 engaging interviews with doctors, doulas, authors, and other pregnancy professionals.

    This podcast isn't afraid to shy away from the topics that moms really want to know about. You can learn first-hand about topics ranging from pelvic floor issues to the truth about cervical scars. The subject matter may be serious, but the panelists are earnest and relatable, and the show is laugh-out-loud funny.

    Although this podcast is not currently in production, we're sure you'll get a lot out of the wit and wisdom of these wonderful women.

    Big Fat Positive

    If you're the only pregnant woman in your friend group, it's natural to feel alone. You can solve that problem by tuning into Big Fat Positive and joining moms (and BFFs) Shanna and Laura on their pregnancy journeys. They provide week-by-week updates in a casual, upbeat format that will make you feel like you're chatting with your pregnant girlfriends.

    This show is remarkable because it isn't afraid to discuss the highs and the lows of pregnancy. They have a hilarious segment called "OMG I'm Freaking Out," in which they discuss their weirdest pregnancy issues and concerns.

    You should listen to this podcast in order. The first thirty-two episodes document the BFF's concurrent pregnancies. If you listen to one episode a week, you can follow along in real time as your own pregnancy progresses.

    If you fall in love with these charming, hysterical BFFs, you'll be glad to know that they continued the podcast after giving birth. Every episode after #32 follows their motherhood journey, and they're still producing regular weekly episodes about raising their toddlers.

    Evidence Based Birth

    Sometimes, future moms seek out podcasts because they want efficient access to the facts. If you're into data and research from the mouths of professionals, you'll love Evidence Based Birth. There are nearly 250 episodes.

    You can find episodes discussing fascinating, niche topics. Best of all, this podcast is intersectional. We enjoyed episodes about maternal mental health in BIPOC communities, queer and trans birth work, and birth after 35.

    Each episode is objective and focused on the facts. Best of all, the hosts leave you to make your own informed decisions about your pregnancy.

    Tune In to These Pregnancy Podcasts

    A great podcast has the power to educate, inspire, and even make you laugh. All of the above pregnancy podcasts are excellent, free resources for moms to be. Pop in some earbuds, take an afternoon stroll, and enjoy the wit and wisdom of these talented podcasters.

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    publish:December 20, 2022, update:December 20, 2022

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