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    Pixsee vs. Miku Pro: Which Smart Baby Monitor Should You Choose?

    Pixsee vs. Miku Pro: Which Smart Baby Monitor Should You Choose
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    Poor sleep quality is linked to having a mutually reinforcing role in several mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. As a new parent, there's no doubt you'll have difficulty maintaining a regular sleep schedule. This has the potential to affect your overall mental and emotional wellbeing.

    What if there was a device, like the Miku Pro or Pixsee, that would ensure your peace of mind as baby sleeps? With smart baby monitors on the market such as these, parents can find relief and comfort, watching their baby peacefully without having to get up in the middle of the night. Parents can restore the quality of their sleep while capturing precious moments to keep forever from the smart baby monitor.

    There are more benefits than just these that video baby monitors provide. Keep reading to get an in-depth comparison and review of both the Miku Pro and Pixsee smart baby monitors to find out which one is right for your family.

    Miku Pro Vs. Pixsee Monitor

    Parents have enough equipment to set up as it is. From baby swings, cribs, car seats, and more, there's an endless amount of gear to put up before your newborn arrives. A baby monitor should be easy.

    It should be dependable, smart, reliable, and offer benefits that make the investment worth it. The market for smart baby monitors has made for a development in technology that tracks your baby's breathing patterns, records them in night vision, and optimizes their sleeping schedule. However, not every couple needs these features in a baby monitor.

    When comparing the Miku Pro monitor versus the Pixsee, here are the basic differences you can expect.

    Miku Pro

    The Miku Pro tracks and monitors your kids' breath. It's contactless, so it sits propped or mounted near the crib to monitor while they sleep.

    Many smart baby monitors hook up to an app so that you may view the camera from your phone at any time. Some require you to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to use these services. The Miku Pro does not require subscription fees to store photos and videos of your baby on the cloud.

    The Miku Pro gets drilled into drywall. However, if you don't want to do this, you can pay an additional one-hundred dollars for a floor stand. It will stand upright on any surface, but it's hard to get the right angle to see your baby from doing this.

    It has a sleek design, catering to the appeal of parents' who want something that looks sophisticated and minimalist.


    Pixsee industry leading camera qualityThe Pixsee is among one of the smart baby monitors that don't put an emphasis on tracking your babies' breathing patterns. It instead focuses on having high-definition, nighthawk mode, and ultra-wide lens camera functions.

    The purpose of the Pixsee is to offer you the best quality camera possible so that you may not only check on your baby with ease but capture moments that would otherwise be missed without the assistance of the Pixsee.

    The Pixsee allows you to automatically or manually record your baby's movements or noises with a smart recording option. No moment will be missed again from this feature.

    You also get alerts whenever the camera detects unsafe conditions for your baby, such as something covering their face as they sleep.

    The smart camera allows you to soothe your baby with specially curated music or white noise. There's a voice recorder so that they become soothed by the sound of your voice and soft hushes.

    The device is also baby-friendly, being designed to look akin to a toy for your baby's pleasure. It also blends in well, adding to the decor of the nursery.

    While the Pixsee can be mounted onto a surface or wall, it comes with a stand for thirty-one dollars that allows for multiple modes to get the perfect angle of your baby.

    The Miku Pro: In-Depth

    Sometimes, it comes down to the details when picking between two monitors. With the Miku Pro, there are fine details to consider before purchasing.

    Like the Pixsee, the Miku Pro also has a feature that starts recording due to sensory input picked up by the camera. It also works on the app without the internet, so you don't have to worry about losing connection for any reason.

    Also, in addition to the Pixsee's features, it allows you to play music, noises, or soothe your baby with the built-in microphone. Since the Miku Pro monitors your baby's sleep schedule, you get in-depth analytics of their nighttime and napping habits. This is beneficial if you're attempting to sleep train, want to optimize their sleep, or need to plan an appointment around their nap time.

    Sleeping analytics also help you track what conditions help your baby sleep better at night. This way, you can establish the right setting to give your baby the best night's rest.

    Miku Pro cameras also have free storage for video of your baby. While there is typically a limit of seven days worth of footage, you can always download any pictures or video you want for free into your phone's storage.

    It does not come with a monitor that you can easily carry around. Keep in mind that your phone will have to be charged and compatible with the app that supports Miku Pro.

    The recording features include 1080p at thirty fps, which is the standard frame of rate for television shows. The data is also encrypted so that your baby's whereabouts are protected.

    The Pixsee: In-Depth

    While the Pixsee doesn't track your baby's breathing, it has other features that many parents find well worth it. Honestly, unless your baby has a condition such as congenital heart disease, tracking your baby's breath is a bit unnecessary anyways.

    The Pixsee's camera quality is superb, with a 5MP camera and six-layer optical glass lens. Its ultra definition in night mode ensures for moments to be captured even in the dark. You can also easily see your baby in high definition in the middle of the night.

    Parents who want to keep as many memories as possible love the fact that the Pixsee is able to record when you want and automatically. It's easily moveable to set up while your child is playing in their crib or in the living room. Moments you might have missed also get recorded with the sensory monitoring.

    Besides covered face detection and area detection, Pixsee includes cry detection, temperature & humidity detection. But, it can detect if your baby is reaching outside of the crib or otherwise put in a compromised position. You immediately get notified in case you are asleep or otherwise turned away from the monitor for a moment.

    Pixsee, a smart baby monitor that supports Amazon Alexa, lets you see a live camera feed of your baby on various devices – even while in the kitchen or living room.

    Both parents, caretakers or babysitters, and grandparents can all reap the benefits of watching your little one any time you want them to. Record and track your baby's growth with the Pixsee smart baby monitor.

    FAQ: Do I Need All of These Smart Monitor Functions?

    The answer to this question is definitely subjective to your families' experiences, needs, and comfort levels. In the nineties, parents got by with an upgraded walkie-talkie used as a baby monitor. However, technology exists to make it easier for parents to check on their children in the nighttime.

    Parents with babies that have health issues or who have lost a baby in the past may find these monitors particularly useful. Parents who want to capture every moment of their kids' development like that can record more memories with the help of smart monitors.

    FAQ: How Long Will I Use a Baby Monitor?

    Despite the name baby monitor, these cameras work well into toddlerhood and adolescence. You can adapt the camera for home security in the future. You can save it for your children to use on their future children.

    It's also good to have as your babies grow into young toddlers. It can still keep an eye on them, capture precious moments, and be used to comfort them - even if they aren't newborns anymore. CES 2023 award winner Pixsee Play is a next-level baby monitor that not only looks out for children’s safety but also creates and captures beautiful moments. It works together in a magical way with Pixsee Friends to develop a stimulating environment that builds character, offering the best for one’s child.

    Buying a Baby Monitor

    As you decide whether the Miku Pro or Pixsee is right for you, do your research. Establish what needs you have and if the smart monitor you're interested in caters to them. With all of the technology on the market, don't fall for buying something that has so many features you'll never use them, either.

    It can be a difficult decision, but the Pixsee smart baby monitor helps make your choice easier. To inquire about purchasing a Pixsee for your new family, visit our Pixsee Shop or Amazon online store.



    publish:December 22, 2022, update:April 10, 2024

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