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    10 Insanely Clever Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Parents

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    Such an exciting time! After you discover you are expecting and share the news with your partner, one of the next topics you will discuss is when to tell others. There is no right or wrong time to make a pregnancy announcement to the world, but typically, parents-to-be share the news with their parents before going public.

    If you're looking for a memorable way to announce your bundle of joy's impending arrival to your parents, explore these fun pregnancy announcement ideas.

    Perfectly Timed Custom Shirts

    A custom shirt that announces your parent's upgrade from parent to "grandparent" is a fun way to share the news. Whether a straight-to-the-point t-shirt that proudly states "promoted to grandma/grandpa" or one that involves a little more mystery, simply wrap it up and present it as a gift. This is even more fun if the timing aligns with a birthday, anniversary, or holiday where gift-giving will be less suspicious.

    Send a Not-So-Obvious Card

    If your parents are located too far away to share the news in person, consider sending a card. Write the card as if it's from the new bundle of joy and include important information like their due date. This will be equally exciting for you as you await a shocked (and joyous) phone call after they receive it.

    “Hi Nana and PawPaw, Mommy says you give the best snuggles and tell the funniest bedtime stories, I can’t wait to meet you in August! Love, your new grandbaby”

    Have a Cute Photo Shoot

    Pregnancy Announcement for Parents Phot Shoot Idea

    While it's common for couples to share a pregnancy announcement on social media using clever photos, they typically inform their parents before telling everyone else. Despite this, these cute photo announcements can be taken before you are ready to share the news with the world.

    One fun idea is to create a photo book for your parents. The first couple of pictures can be just cute couple photographs. However, as they flip through the book (or scroll through the digital album) the pictures can hint at the fact there’s a baby on the way.

    A couple ideas to try:

    • a playful shoot in the kitchen with Mom-to-be pulling a bun out of the oven. The final photo caption could be, “Can you guess who has a bun in the oven?
    • An outdoor scene where you “find” a wrapped present behind a tree and have a series of photos unwrapping the gift. The final image is the big reveal that the gift is a framed picture of the ultrasound images. You could also use baby clothes, a beautifully written note that can be photographed, or hand-knitted baby booties are always swoon-worthy.
    Casual photo shoot at home showing off some recent updates and new décor in your home. The final image is a playful photo of Dad holding the Mom-to-be’s belly in the room that will be the nursery with the caption, “Oh…and we’re making room for one more! Baby moves in August 2022!”

    Get Older Siblings or Cousins Involved

    Getting the kids involved is a memorable way to break the news for those who already have children or whose parents already have grandchildren. Dress the older sibling in a shirt that announces their promotion to oldest child or have a niece or nephew declaring they're going to be a big cousin.

    To make this pregnancy announcement ideas for your parent’s extra fun – don’t acknowledge the shirt. Simply go about the visit without pointing out the shirt or trying to bring attention to it. It’ll be fun to see how long it takes your parents to notice and their priceless reaction when they finally do!

    Invite them For Dinner and Only Serve "Baby" Foods

    Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Parents

    Most parents are thrilled to receive an invitation to dinner and won't have any clue that you are about to make a life-changing announcement. While you could simply sit them down and tell them, it is much more fun to make it a guessing game. Plan and serve a dinner that only consists of baby-related foods. For example, baby carrots, baby back ribs, baby corn, etc. Be sure to emphasize the name of each item as you serve it and see how long it takes for them to catch on.

    Have a Custom Puzzle Made

    Invite your parents over under the guise of a "game night" and then present them with a custom puzzle that states "you're going to be grandparents!" once it is complete. If you want to be a little bit less obvious, you can choose a baby-themed one, a custom puzzle of the ultrasound image, or even a “bun in the oven” themed puzzle. You can help them put it together; just be sure to snap some photos as they read the message and process the huge news! 

    Serve a Sweet Treat

    Bring along a decadent cake and, when it's time to serve it, add an intricate cake topper (or even a baby figurine) and relish the excitement and the dessert. To avoid giving the secret away before it is served, tell a story about visiting a local bakery to create a bit of distraction.

    If you want to make the surprise extra special, you can whip up a yummy dessert but hide a plastic baby inside. If you want to go the no-fuss route, you could also place the baby hidden in an ice cream sundae. Just make sure the baby is obvious enough to not be easily eaten by mistake.

    Show The How Lucky They Are
    Scratch Off Pregnancy Reveal

    Show you parents just how lucky they are with pregnancy reveal scratch off lottery tickets. This is one of the simpler ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents, but also one of the more unique ways.

    It’s fun to gift them the lottery tickets in person, or you can even send them along with a card and have them do the scratch off while FaceTiming so you can see their reaction in real-time.

    Gift Them Baby Supplies 

    Imagine the initial confusion and then the excitement that will follow as your parents unwrap a pack of newborn diapers, pacifiers, or baby books. As an added bonus, they can keep these items on hand for future visits with their new pride and joy. While you can do this any time of the year, it is especially fun during the holidays. Just be sure that only those you are ready to share the news with are there when the gift is given.

    Make it Personal

    You can get a pregnancy announcement printed on nearly any object these days. For example, if your father is a big golfer, surprise him with a golf ball that shares the news. On the other hand, have a unique mug made if your mother is a fan of tea or coffee. This can make the pregnancy announcement even more special, and they will be left with a thoughtful keepsake. 

    After the big secret is revealed to everyone, move on to the next step and start preparing for your baby shower. Once your parents are on board with your big news, you can also use these pregnancy announcement ideas to share with close friends or other family members.

    Now that you’ve planned announced your pregnancy to your parents, it’s time to start planning your baby registry! Be sure to add pixsee to your list of baby must-haves!

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    publish:January 8, 2022, update:April 11, 2022

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