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    Push Present Ideas: Should You Ask for a Push Present?

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    If you're a pregnant mama ready to pop, you're about to give your partner the greatest gift he's ever received: a precious, beautiful baby. Human life isn't any run-of-the-mill present—it takes a lot of pain, sacrifice, and strength to carry and birth an infant! Don't you think you deserve a little something in return for your (literal) labor?

    A push present is a gift just for mom, to help remind her that she is a mighty, fierce individual, worthy of her own post-partum celebration. We've curated a list of our favorite push present ideas for every kind of mom-to-be. Let's face it—there'd be no baby she wasn't there pushing!  

    New moms deserve something nice to reward them for all of their unspoken work and anxiety leading up to the big moment. Keep reading to learn about choosing the best push presents to celebrate mom and commemorate her role in bringing your perfect baby into the world.

    What Is a Push Present?

    The anticipation begins to grow as a new mom approaches her due date. Everyone she knows is eager to meet her new baby! The baby is a brand new human, and every relative wants to say hello and see which of you they'll resemble most.

    One person tends to get ignored while everyone is clambering around that beautiful, hard-earned bundle: mom.

    In fact, mom deserves the attention and admiration for making it through nine months of chaos! Her body and life are about to change forever, and her strength and fortitude will ensure that the baby settles into a pair of loving arms after hours of pushing. A push present is a way to say "I see you," even once the baby has become the center of your world.

    Before or After?

    You've found the perfect push gift for your wife. Should you give it to her before or after the birth? Ultimately, it's a matter of preference.

    Many women appreciate receiving a push present from their husband before the baby is born, while she has strength and focus to spare. After all, there are many other things to pay attention to once the baby is in the picture. It can be nice to share the gift during her final child-free moments.

    Some moms may be superstitious, however. They might not want to receive a gift until they have seen that the birth has gone off without a hitch. Other presents may be impossible to give until the baby is here, such as framed photographs or footprints.

    Many women open push presents in the hospital or after they've arrived home with the baby. You know your partner best, so give the gift when you know she'll need it most.

    Do People Give a Push Present for C-Sections?

    A mom who has had a c-section may not have done much pushing, but she still deserves a gift, especially if the c-section was a surprise. A sudden change in the birth plan can be stressful and overwhelming, and a c-section takes an additional toll on the body. Any mom who has undergone this procedure deserves something to help her relax and recover from the surgery.

    You can give mom any gift you've originally planned to give her or buy her something special to help her kick back and relax during recovery. It's still considered a push present, and she'll still appreciate it!

    Our Favorite Push Present Ideas

    Every mom deserves a present that's as unique as she is. Choosing a gift she'll love is an act of empathy and is one of the best ways to show her you have her feelings and interests in mind during this vulnerable moment. Here are a few popular push present categories to help you brainstorm.

    Meaningful Jewelry

    Jewelry is one of the most popular push presents. Often, these pieces become heirlooms, and you may even pass them down to your baby when they come of age. Choose a precious, subtle gift she can wear daily to signify her new status as a mom.

    Self-Care Related Gifts

    Mom's body will continue changing now that she has evicted her cute little tenant. Constantly recalibrating your expectations for your own body can be a strange, uncanny experience. Choose gifts that help mom feel relaxed, cared for, and comfortable in her skin.

    Some ideas might include:

    • Loungewear for postpartum recovery
    • Her favorite skincare products
    • Aromatherapy products or candles
    • A fancy coffee or espresso machine for those sleepless nights
    • New luxury bedding (be sure to make the bed for her, too)
    • Literature about thriving during early motherhood

    You can even make her a gift basket full of self-care gifts. She'll feel loved and pampered when she has a thoughtful selection of relaxing products to help her destress.

    Sentimental Gifts

    Many new dads choose to mark the occasion by buying their wives a gift related to the birth or the baby's arrival. Consider gifting the pixsee smart video baby monitor and a digital picture frame. She'll have a constant stream of new, high-quality baby photos to display without lifting a finger.

    Other sentimental gift ideas might include custom artwork, framed baby footprints, an updated family tree, or her favorite storybooks from childhood.

    Babies Are Gifts That Keep on Giving

    Pregnancy takes a massive toll on a woman's mind and body, and that labor is usually only compensated in sweet baby snuggles. These push present ideas will make any new mom feel seen and appreciated. You don't need to break the bank to reward a hard-working mama for bringing a precious new life into the world.

    If you hope to give a gift that will make life easier for years to come, consider the pixsee smart video baby monitor. The playful chic, pint-sized pixsee camera makes it easy to share your baby's growth journey with everyone you love. Visit our online store to learn how pixsee creates memories and builds peace of mind with whimsy, fun designand industry-leading privacy protection.

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    publish:November 15, 2022, update:November 15, 2022

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