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    10 Surefire Ways For How to Make a Baby Stop Crying

    pixsee editor
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    Is there any sound in the world more heartbreaking than the sound of your own baby's cry? It's natural for wonderful parents to want to make that sound stop as quickly as possible! You know all of the tips and tricks that usually help your baby settle down, but what do you do when just don't know how to make a baby stop crying? 

    Every parent in the world has faced this problem, so you are not alone! Take a deep breath and remember that your baby is an incredible, complex human being. They have needs, passions, frustrations, and aggravations, and they might not even realize what is bothering them yet! 

    Even the best parent in the world needs help sometimes. We've created this list of ten techniques to try when your sweet little one can't seem to calm down. Keep reading to learn how you can use pixsee smart baby monitor to support you when you're frazzled! 

    Swaddle Your Baby

    After nine months in a cushy, cozy womb, your baby has been thrust out into a noisy, busy world. Did you ever notice that even adults tend to sleep in "the fetal position?" This is because we are naturally driven to protect the squishiest, most vulnerable parts of ourselves to feel safe. 

    If you want to know how to make a newborn baby stop crying, try offering them that safety through swaddling, even while they're awake. It reminds them of the comfort of the womb and can help calm them down quickly. Hold your baby near your heart so they can hear you and smell you and they will settle down in no time. Click here to learn more about swaddling  your newborn.

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    Offer Gentle Movement

    If crying starts around bedtime, you might be wondering how to make a baby stop crying and sleep. Often, the key to this is rhythm and movement. After nine months spent listening to your heartbeat and moving when you move, this can lull even the fussiest baby to sleep. 

    First, you might consider wearing your baby on a carrier or sling so you can offer the rhythmic movement they crave. Otherwise, consider a baby swing, glider, or bouncy seat. Sometimes the familiar feeling of motion is all a baby needs to quiet down and drift off

    Play White Noise

    Deep in the womb, the noisy world is a muffled, calming whir of sound. That's why white noise tends to help babies settle down when they're upset, especially if the cause is overstimulation. 

    You can create your own white noise with a desk fan, or even by turning on your hairdryer! Many new parents swear by the white noise feature on their pixsee smart baby monitor. 

    Make Calm With Music


    After 40 weeks below your heart, babies become experts when it comes to rhythm. Many babies are born dancers! If you want to know how to make a 1-year-old baby stop crying, put on some tunes and start a dance party! 

    Sometimes a baby cries because they're bored or fixated on a little inconvenience. A novel distraction can be all it takes to pull them out of their funk! At other times, they may merely be craving attention, and a special lullaby can work wonders.

    If you can't carry a tune, the smart music box on your pixsee smart baby monitor offers a curated list of baby-friendly parenting music! 

    Let Water Work Wonders

    Do you have a water baby on your hands? Some little ones love nothing more than a warm, calming bath. If your baby adores bathtime, an impromptu tubby can often help soothe a fussy baby in a pinch. 

    You can often avoid bedtime meltdowns altogether by incorporating bathtime into your baby's nighttime routine. 

    Put Pressure on the Baby's Tummy

    tips for calming a crying baby

    How do you make a baby stop crying when they are dealing with tummy troubles such as gas or colic? Sometimes a little bit of positive pressure is all it takes.

    Use your forearm to apply light pressure to your baby's tummy while you hold their head in your hands. You can use your other hand to hold them steady. Rub their back and talk to them so they know that you are close by. 

    Record Your Voice

    At around eight months of age, your baby will begin to develop object permanence. This means that they will notice and protest when you leave them alone! Do you know how to make a baby stop crying when mom leaves the room? 

    You can use a feature such as pixsee  voice recorder to play a recording of your voice while you're out of the room. This is often all it takes to calm a baby with separation anxiety. All your baby wants is to know that you are nearby and that you love them! 

    Supply Something to Suck On

    Sucking is a natural way for a baby to calm their nerves. There doesn't even need to be milk or formula involved! Try to help your baby find their fingers so they can self-soothe through gentle sucking. 

    If you are breastfeeding and have mastered the latch, a pacifier can also provide comfort for a baby who can't seem to settle. 

    Take a Hike

    go outside to calm a crying baby

    If you have been stuck inside with a crying baby, both of you can benefit from a walk! Put your baby in the stroller and see if a simple walk around the block does the trick. If nothing else, it will calm your nerves so you can go back to your baby with a compassionate heart. 

    Call a Friend or Loved One

    Sometimes it takes another mom to come up with a quick fix. After all, it takes a village to raise a child! Don't feel ashamed about reaching out to the experienced mothers in your life for backup when you need support to get through a crying jag. 

    If possible, you might even have a friend or loved one come over and hold your baby for a while. It's okay to take a breather and come back refreshed and ready to be the best parent that you can be. The key to a calm baby might be a positive shift in your energy! 

    How to Make a Baby Stop Crying — With Love!

    Your baby may think that you are a superhero, but nobody expects you to be telepathic! Learning the best way to calm your baby is a process, and sometimes you need to try something new. All crying is communication, and all your sweet baby needs you to do is listen and do your best. 

    At pixsee, we know the science behind how to make a baby stop crying. The pixsee smart music box offers curated music and white noise to help soothe your baby, day or night. Visit our online store to gain access to tools that can help you to create a culture of calm for your little one. 

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    publish:March 23, 2022, update:March 29, 2022

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