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    The Best Safe and Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

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    As soon as your perfect round bump begins peeking out, everyone from close friends to strangers will want to know one thing: "What are you having?"

    While your baby's gender doesn't matter as long as they're healthy, it's still a fun part of pregnancy that can help you imagine your little one's future. Many parents-to-be like to answer the question all at once by throwing a gender reveal party and learning the answer with their loved ones at their side. Announcing your baby's gender takes a lot of creativity, however.

    The best gender reveal ideas are festive, colorful, safe, and photogenic, ranging from confetti explosions to sweet surprises. While it's easy to open an envelope and verbally tell friends the news, there are many cute and clever ideas for your special announcement.

    We've collected twenty ideas inspired by our favorite gender reveals to help you decide how you want to break the exciting news to friends and family. Read on to find inspiration for your own adorable gender announcement below.

    1. Cut the Cake

    Gender reveal parties are such a big part of our culture that even a local bakery can help you plan a sweet reveal. Have a friend or loved one deliver the news to the bakery in a sealed envelope so they can secretly bake a cake with pink or blue icing on the inside. The truth will be clear when you cut the cake at the party.

    2. Let There Be Light

    Have a friend by a strand of fairy lights or lanterns in blue or pink. When it's time to reveal, plug them in and discover what you're having! This reveal is perfect for Christmas or a backyard cabana at night.

    3. Bust Open a Pinata

    Buy a cute pinata and have a trusted friend fill it with either blue or pink confetti, charms, and treats. When it's time for the reveal, bust it open to reveal the gender.

    4. Chocolate Smash

    A talented chocolatier can create an exciting hollow chocolate creation. Use a tiny mallet to smash it open to reveal that the inside is full of pink or blue sprinkles, candies, and treats. Celebrate, then dig in!

    5. Silly String Spray

    Send a friend to pick up some pink or blue silly string for everyone attending the party. Ask them to cover the cans with decorative duct tape or labels. At the count of three, have the guests silly string the parents-to-be, revealing the gender in a silly way.

    6. Colorful Smoke Bombs

    You can buy safe, powder-based smoke bombs in either blue or pink. Gather your loved ones, set off the smoke bombs, and celebrate in a photogenic cloud of brilliant color.

    7. Open an Outfit

    Have a trusted family member preview the results. Next, send them to the baby boutique to pick out a perfect pink or blue onesie. Make sure they have the box gift-wrapped.

    8. Involve a Beloved Pet

    Pets are part of the family, too! Have a trusted loved one fit your best friend with a pink or blue collar. When it's time to reveal, open the door and let your furry friend make the rounds, revealing your news.

    9. Bubblegum Pop

    Have the parents shut their eyes, and then have a friend insert pink or blue bubblegum into their mouths. Chew, chew, chew! When they blow their bubbles, everyone will know what they're having.

    10. Paint Can Surprise

    What color are you painting the nursery? Send a friend to the paint store with the results and have them bring back a can of pastel pink or blue nursery paint. When you pry off the lid, everyone will know if you have a little boy or little girl on the way.

    11. Colorful Water Balloon Pop

    Add a little blue or pink food coloring to some water, then fill up some water balloons. Mom and dad can wear white shirts and then launch balloons at each other. In the end, their shirt color will reveal the baby's gender.

    12. Box of Balloons

    Give the results to a close friend or relative. Have them go to a local party store to buy a bundle of blue or pink helium balloons. Have them pack them into an opaque cardboard box, then open them at the party in front of everyone.

    At the party, open the box and hold up the answer. You can even buy custom onesies that say "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl" or invest in something fancy like a baby tutu or tuxedo.

    13. Bite into a Filled Donut

    Involve a local donut shop in your reveal! Order a few boxes of filled donuts with pink or blue frosting in the middle. At the count of three, have the whole group take a bite.

    14. Break Open a Fortune Cookie

    You can buy custom fortune cookies with a sneaky secret inside—your baby's gender! Everyone can break them open after a big sit-down dinner for a sweet ending to your party.

    15. Colorful Confetti Rain

    Fill a confetti-pull box with pink or blue tissue paper confetti, then hang it from a tree at your party venue. Have your guests count down and then pull the string. Your baby's gender will rain down on your heads.

    A translucent umbrella is a cute addition to your gender reveal photos.

    16. Water Gun Standoff

    Ask your guests to come to the party in white t-shirts. Give everyone a water pistol filled with pink or blue-colored water. At the end of your water gun fight, everyone will know what you're having.

    17. Baby Reveal Bath Bomb

    Gather the crowd around a wading pool and drop the bomb—the bath bomb, that is. When it turns the water pink or blue, everyone will know whether you have a girl or boy on the way.

    18. Confetti Blast

    Send a trusted friend to the store to pick up some pink or blue confetti canons, and ensure they cover up the tube. Have a countdown, and then let her rip! Blue or pink confetti will rain down, revealing your baby's gender.

    19. Cake Pop Bite

    Order some yummy cake pops made from pink or blue cake. Hand one to each guest. At the count of three, have the group take a bite, revealing the baby's gender in the sweetest way possible.

    20. Volcano Blast

    Build an old-school volcano model and have a sneaky friend add a few drops of blue or pink food coloring to the mixture inside. Pour in the vinegar and watch the volcano erupt with your news!

    Gender Reveal Ideas They'll Never Forget

    Once you learn your baby's gender, it becomes easier to imagine the future, and your friends and family will love getting in on the action. All of our gender reveal ideas are fun, safe, memorable crowd-pleasers that yield perfect pictures. Carefully planned gender reveal parties create memories that last for a lifetime.

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    publish:October 19, 2022, update:December 20, 2022

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