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    8 Baby Must-Haves Before Baby Arrives (Checklist Included)

    8 Baby Must-Haves Before Baby Arrives (Checklist Included)
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    According to a famous report from the USDA, it costs the average family $12,980 each year to raise a child. That figure might seem shocking if you're a young family about to welcome your first baby. How do you ensure you can get everything your new baby needs without going bankrupt before they say their first words? 

    One key to parenting on a budget is sticking to the essentials. Consider separating your shopping list into "must haves" and "nice to haves." Focus on necessities that ensure your baby is safe, clean, happy, and healthy, and we promise you'll have everything you need. 

    The question is: where do you start? First-time parents can feel overwhelmed when attempting to separate the gimmicks from the essentials. That's why we've created this new baby checklist, featuring everything parents-to-be need to survive and thrive during the baby's first year. 

    Read on to start stocking up on the essentials. 

    Newborn Essentials Checklist

    1. The Clothing Essentials

    The only thing cuter than a baby is a baby in a tiny, precious outfit, but new parents tend to go overboard on photo-worthy clothing and forget the basics. When you realize how messy babies can be, you'll be grateful you stocked up on easy, washable wearables. 

    Here are the clothing items you need when you bring your snuggly newborn home:

    • 8 long-sleeved onesies or undershirts
    • 8 short-sleeved onesies or undershirts
    • 8 pairs of baby socks 
    • 1 or 2 newborn hats
    • 1 or 2 pairs of baby mittens
    • 4 or 5 pairs of baby pants
    • 4 or 5 infant nightgowns 
    • A baby jacket
    • A baby snowsuit

    You don't need to shop for every season right out of the gate. Start with a simple wardrobe. Your baby grows fast, so shopping a size or two up doesn't hurt. 

    2. The Feeding Essentials

    Babies need to keep their tiny tummies full if they're going to grow and develop into confident, independent children. You'll need the right supplies from day one to satisfy your hungry baby.

    Here are the items you need to keep your sweet newborn fed:

    • Bibs
    • Burp cloths 
    • Milk storage supplies
    • At least one package of formula (even if you breastfeed)
    • Bottles and a variety of nipples
    • Bottlebrush 

    Babies can be picky when it comes to nipples. Keeping different types on hand can eliminate frustration if you plan to use a bottle. 

    3. The Diapering Essentials

    What goes in must come out, so feeding and diapering go hand in hand. Now is the time to research whether you'd like to use disposable or cloth diapers during your parenting journey.

    Here are the tools you'll want to keep on hand, whichever you choose: 

    • A changing pad
    • Disposable wipes or washcloths
    • Barrier cream or ointment 
    • Newborn sized diapers
    • If using cloth, several waterproof diaper covers

    Many new parents set up a changing cart to move from room to room throughout the day. Keep yourself stocked, and you'll be ready to tackle any blowout. 

    4. The Bathtime Essentials

    Newborns certainly know how to make a mess for tiny, needy creatures who can't walk. You will want to bathe your newborn within the first week.  

    Here are the bathtime essentials to stock up on before Baby's first tubby:

    • An infant tub
    • Dedicated bathtime washcloths
    • Baby-safe soap
    • A hooded infant towel

    Doctors recommend waiting at least twenty-four hours after birth to bathe the baby. When the time comes, be sure to have the camera ready for some sweet photos. 

    5. The Bedtime Essentials

    Newborns need up to seventeen hours of sleep in a twenty-four-hour period. Be sure to follow the AAP's sleep guidelines for bedtime and naps. 

    These are the bedtime supplies you'll want to have ready before the baby arrives:

    • Crib or bassinet with mattress
    • Waterproof mattress pads
    • Fitted sheets
    • Several sleep sacks or swaddles
    • Sound machine
    • The Pixsee Smart Baby Monitor

    Do not use top sheets, pillows, bumpers, or stuffed animals. Babies have very simple sleep needs.

    6. The Adventuring Essentials

    Eventually, you and your baby will be ready to explore the world around you. You'll need to gather a few things to be sure you're prepared to take your first adventure.

    Here are the baby essentials you'll need before you're ready to head out into the world with your little one in tow: 

    • Rear-facing car seat
    • Stroller
    • Diaper bag
    • Portable changing mat
    • Pack n' play 
    • Carrier or wrap

    It's best to start small. Take your little one on a walk around the block and build up to longer trips. 

    7. The First Aid Essentials

    Accidents and illnesses happen, but great parents prepare for anything. If you have a few first aid essentials, you won't panic when it's time to come to your baby's rescue. 

    Here are the supplies you'll want on hand in case of thumps, bumps, illnesses, or injuries:

    • Digital thermometer
    • Nasal aspirator
    • Baby nail clippers
    • Infant brush
    • First aid kit

    To avoid accidents, take care to babyproof your home before your newborn's arrival. Prevention goes a long way. 

    8. The Playtime Essentials

    Even newborns need to play! While many toys are inappropriate for new babies, a few things can help foster infant development. 

    These are the playthings that infants need to develop into healthy movers and groovers: 

    • A blanket or quilt for tummy time
    • High-contrast images or books
    • A bouncer seat or swing 
    • Stuffed animals/dolls

    There's no need to get bogged down by toys. Save yourself the space and prioritize genuine interactions and bonding time instead. 

    Download our Newborn Checklist here!

    Feel free to print or save the checklist to ensure you have everything you need for your new bundle of joy. From baby essentials to nursery must-haves, our checklist covers it all. Don't let the hustle and bustle of parenthood catch you off guard – be prepared with our handy guide!

    Do You Have Everything Your Baby Needs?


    Preparing for a new baby is like packing for a long trip to a world you've never visited before. You'll want to have everything your baby needs close at hand so you can give yourself the luxury of acclimating to the strange, new place you've found yourself in. If you start with this checklist of baby necessities, you can ensure you won't miss anything when you arrive at your fantastic final destination. 

    Before you set off on your big parenting adventure, be sure you know how to choose a baby monitor that doubles as a parenting companion. The Pixsee smart baby monitor will help you capture precious memories while keeping a careful eye on your sweet baby.

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    publish:January 23, 2024, update:June 27, 2024

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