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    The Best Baby-Proofing Gifts for New Parents

     Best Baby-Proofing Gifts
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    Take a seat on the floor in the center of any room in your house. Notice all the jutting corners and edges. Pay attention to all the electrical sockets you didn't know about, the cords ripe for tugging, and the water heater within close crawling distance.

    The world isn't built for babies! Even the friendliest, kindest home is full of little dangers, and it's up to new parents to make the world safe for their curious little one. 

    If you want to help, consider bringing a few baby-proofing gifts to the shower. It's an easy, thoughtful way to help a new family breathe easier once the baby starts moving and grooving. 

    We've created this guide to provide parenting tips to help with the baby-proofing process. We've also included a few of the best baby-proofing products for new families—all of which make great shower gifts.

    Read on to learn how and when to prepare your home for your future explorer. 

    The Scoop on Going Baby Proof

    The most important thing to remember about a baby is that they're a brand new person. They're seeing and doing everything for the first time. Babies explore the world using their senses and don't have the wisdom to determine what to leave alone. 

    Babies also lack perspective. Older children don't automatically know to look both ways when crossing the street, after all. Babies certainly don't have the awareness to look up and check for a sharp edge, for example. 

    With that in mind, parents always need to be a step (or more) ahead of their curious baby. The task of baby-proofing involves anticipating possible risks and removing or addressing them before an accident happens. The process is tricky for new parents, who may not realize how curious, determined, and active a baby can be. 

    With that said, baby-proofing isn't just about the baby. These changes should also keep parents safe. Fixing broken furniture and covering slippery floors with rugs benefits everyone in the household. 

    Every moment expecting parents spend baby-proofing is a moment they get to spend engaging in worry-free enjoyment of their baby. Essentially, you're committing to turn your home into a safe space where a little one can learn and grow. 

    When Should I Start Baby Proofing?

    If you have a little one on the way, it's never too soon to start the baby-proofing process. While you'll be able to complete some tasks in a single afternoon, others may be more time-consuming or require outside vendors or professionals. As a rule, begin at least three months before your due date to ensure you have enough time for each task. 

    Baby proofing early also allows new parents to learn to live with the changes. When a new baby arrives, it can feel like everything is happening all at once. Making little changes over time prevents your sweet baby's arrival from feeling overwhelming.

    Remember that you might need to start over again when your baby starts crawling. Addressing issues is much easier when you aren't wrangling an active baby! 

    Top Considerations While Baby Proofing

    When you begin babyproofing, it helps to start small. Something as simple as adding emergency contacts to your phone is an important safety measure. It's also a great time to restock your first aid kit to ensure you have anything you might need in an emergency. 

    Next, you can move on to some more time-intensive tasks. Here is a checklist of some of the top safety considerations to address:

    • Add smoke detectors to each room (or change the batteries)
    • Add carbon monoxide detectors to each room (or change the batteries)
    • Add at least one fire extinguisher to your home
    • Protect or cover all accessible electrical sockets
    • Remove or seal any flaking paint
    • Use bumpers or padding to soften corners or edges
    • Add non-slip padding under carpets or rugs
    • Add latches to low drawers
    • Switch blind or curtain cords to safety cords
    • Replace or repair any broken furniture 

    Every home is unique, and you may have safety considerations that aren't on this list. It may be silly, but crawling on the floor and scoping out your home from a baby's point of view can help. Invite your parents or friends with children to inspect your work and point out anything you missed. 

    4 Great Baby Proofing Gifts for New Parents

    While everyone loves a diaper cake, a practical shower gift can make an impact. Here are a few ideas for gifts that prioritize safety. 

    1. A Gift Certificate for Professional Services

    First-time parents might be unsure about where to start the baby-proofing process. Gift them a gift certificate for an expert babyproofer to offer peace of mind. The expert can provide a consultation or begin the process for them. 

    2. An All-Inclusive Kit

    Either buy or curate an all-inclusive baby-proofing kit to give new parents all the tools they need to start the process. Think of it as a safety-centric gift basket filled with outlet covers, smoke detectors, edge bumpers, and non-slip pads. 

    3. A Great Book Like The Babyproofing Bible

    If you'd prefer to gift the expecting parents something cute, pick up a babyproofing book and tuck it in with the onesies and the rattles. We love The Babyproofing Bible, but your local bookstore will have plenty of options. 

    4. A New First Aid Kit

    If you're shopping for novices, start with the basics. A first aid kit with all the emergency supplies they need is a practical gift for a new family. 

    The Best Baby Proofing Tips for Thoughtful Families


    New parents have enough to worry about before baby-proofing enters the conversation. When you give expecting parents one of these baby-proofing gifts, you're giving them the gift of peace of mind. Can you think of a better way to wrap that up and bring it to a baby shower?

    The only gift that creates more peace of mind is the Pixsee smart baby monitor. With built-in safety tools like area detection, covered face detection, temperature alerts, and humidity sensor alerts, it's the perfect accompaniment to a babyproof home.

    Visit our Amazon online store and Pixsee Shop to explore all the safety features that make Pixsee the perfect parenting companion. 

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    publish:August 24, 2022, update:January 17, 2024

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