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    Baby Camera 101: How to Choose a Smart Baby Monitor

    Smart Baby Monitor
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    As a new parent, you are moving onto an exciting new chapter of your life! To make this transition to parenthood even more manageable and less stressful, you must find high-quality baby must-haves and baby accessories for your new child. 

    One great product that every parent should invest in is a smart baby monitor. Having the right baby monitor can offer excellent support for the first few months of your baby's life.

    In addition to providing more functional help as in sleep time monitoring, crib motion detection, humidity and temperature monitoring, having a smart baby monitor can take a tremendous amount of stress out of those early months with baby. 

    The emotional benefits of knowing that you have an extra set of eyes on your little bundle of joy can help you relax more and feel less anxious about leaving baby in their room for quiet time. Also, you have total peace of mind that you can peek in on them when you're just in the next room or out for a much-needed date night while grandma babysits. 

    When it comes to choosing a smart baby monitor, there are several considerations you should take in regards to both features and reliability. In this article, we'll discuss what features you should look for and learn more about other baby must-have products.

    Features to Look for in Smart Baby Camera

    • Quality Matters for Smart Baby Monitor


      • Video Capability 

    When you choose a smart baby monitor, the first thing you should consider is whether it has video capabilities. Using a traditional audio-only monitor for parents on a budget will work to monitor your baby. However, this only allows you to hear your baby cry and not show you any other problems. By investing in a more advanced baby monitor, you will be able to see if your child is stirring, even if they are not crying. 

      • Adjustable Camera

    When you have a video monitor, it is also essential that you get one that offers adjustable cameras. Because your child moves around so much while they sleep, you may put them to bed and realize that they are not visible on your monitor. With an adjustable camera, you can pan, tilt, or even zoom in to get the best view of your baby. 

      • Visual Specs

    Because your baby will be sleeping during the day and the night, you also need to be sure the camera has 1080p FHD and  clear night vision. While night vision cameras do not show color, you still need to make sure you can see your child on the screen. With a Pixsee smart baby monitor, our cameras offer Nighthawk Nyxel (NIR) technology that enhances image quality in poor lighting conditions.

    • Consider Wi-Fi Connection and Security

      • Wi-Fi Connectivity with Good Range

    Wi-Fi based monitor allows you to connect your monitor to your phone. You can take your monitor with you around the house and continually check on your child without having to stay next to a plugged-in monitor.

    As you walk around your home and get farther and farther away from your child's room, you need to be sure that your monitor will still pick up the Wi-Fi signal and be consistent when monitoring your sleeping child. 

      • Data Security - Chip, Data Transmission and Cloud Storage

    When you have a Wi-Fi enabled monitor, you also need to ensure it is encrypted. There have been reports of monitors that have been tapped into or hacked, giving strangers access to your monitor. With encrypted monitors, the risk of this is significantly lessened. 

    Pixsee has an advanced security cryptoprocessor that keeps your personal information and files safe from cyber threats and allows access (up to 5 users) through wireless transmission with bank-level security. Pixsee also securely stores your priceless baby camera pictures and videos in a commercial-grade cloud storage solution. It is the world's first consumer product to be certified by Microsoft's Azure IoT Hub.  

    If you’d like to learn more, be sure to visit our helpful baby monitor security resource here.

    • Music and Intercom System of Baby Camera


    • Audio Monitoring & Two-Way Audio

    If your child wakes up from a nap and needs something, like water, you can listen to them through the monitor and respond. As your child gets older and more independent, it's also helpful to utilize the intercom system. You can comfort your child from afar such as singing them a sweet lullaby or even reading them a bedtime story while your away on a business trip.

    Perhaps they're not settling down for quiet time or maybe you want to wake them in the morning, there are numerous circumstances where having a two-way intercom system can be helpful.

    • White Noise, Lullaby and Expertly Curated Music

    The Pixsee smart baby monitor also includes additional sounds features such as white noise, the option to create a library of pre-recorded messages, and a smart music box that can play soothing music in response to baby’s cries.

    A couple of ways this is useful is playing uplifting and fun music for when baby wakes, calming music for bedtime, and engaging rhythmic music to help distract and comfort baby when they are upset. 

    • Music Scheduler

    These features can be especially helpful while sleep training your baby as they assist with creating consistent sleep routines that are critical for helping baby learn when to sleep and how to calm themselves. 

    • Audio Quality

    With a focus on design excellence, Pixsee reduces ambient noise through digital technology so you'll always have crystal clear audio. You'll be able to hear what's happening  in your baby's room even when  you exit the app, or if your screen is off.

    The bespoke speaker has also been carefully crafted with a dynamic dome that produces expert quality audio that's faithful to the original sound. And don't worry, the sound is built to ISO 8124-1:2018 safety standards and lower than 85dB to safeguard your baby's hearing at all times. 

    • AI and Smart Features of Smart Baby Monitor


      • Temperature & Humidity Detection

      • you can find a smart baby monitor that alerts you if the temperature or humidity is too high, and so much more. These smart features make it easier to take care of your baby and help ensure your baby’s crib is comfortable and safe.

      • Covered Face Detection & Area Detection

      • Video monitors also provide parents with peace of mind because you can ensure your child is sleeping safely without any potential dangers. Pixsee provide covered face detection as well as area detection so you can be alerted if there’s movement outside of the designated "safe area".

      • Cry Detection, Recognition & Decoder

      • Pixsee smart baby monitor also includes a cry decoder that can help you understand why your baby is crying. Based on data collected from experts who study baby cries, and your baby’s own unique patterns, you gain much needed insight into the potential causes of your baby’s crying.

    • Baby Growth Record & Digital Keepsakes

    Those early months with baby pass by in the blink of an eye! As much as you may want to capture every moment, it can be incredibly difficult as you're breast feeding every two hours, tidying the house, recovering from sleepless nights, and all the other normal responsibilities or work and life. 

    Pixsee understands just how hectic it can be for new parents and provides an IF award-winning app that allows you to create a digital growth record in just a few thumb taps on your phone. Not only are these journals helpful for charting baby's development, but they're a fun way to keep friends and family updated as well. 

      • Smart Capture

      • Manual Capture * Record

      • Video Playback

      • Baby Bubble Tree

      • Family Album

      • Themed Frames

      • Themed Story

      • Time-Lapse Video


    • Design & Built Quality

    As a new parent, one of the more fun and exciting aspects of anticipating a new baby is designing and preparing baby's nursery. You may spend hours pouring through inspiration on Pinterest, carefully select your baby registry items so they coordinate with your room's theme, and even re-paint the room to ensure it has the perfect aesthetic for your bundle of joy. 

    After putting all that care and expense into designing your nursery, it only makes sense that you'd want your baby monitor to compliment your room - not distract or become an eye sore.  The Pixsee smart baby monitor is gorgeously crafted and the winner of the 2021 and 2023 iF design award.  With its whimsical aesthetic, Pixsee looks more like a toy than a security camera. It fits beautifully into any nursery with a soft-to-the-touch appeal.

    You can rest easy knowing every detail was considered and only the finest materials utilized, ensuring you can trust Pixsee to bring exceptional value to you and your family for years to come.   

    • Portable Base Unit & Adjustable Stand

    pixsee adjustable floor stand SQ

    Being a parent is a time-consuming job that takes much of your day, even while your baby is sleeping. Having a baby monitor with a portable base unit is an easy way to get things done during the day while your baby naps and at night before you go to bed. 

    With portable wifi units, you need to ensure they have a good range and battery life. This way, you can take your monitor with you throughout your house without worrying about your baby. Having a wireless monitor run through an app is an easy way to stay portable. 

    A helpful feature of Pixsee is its 5-in-1 adjustable stand. With four height adjustments, high overhead view, low overhead view, eye-level view, and low-level view you’ll always have the perfect angle to watch your baby and record precious moments with them.

    Looking for Baby Must-Haves?

    When you are looking for baby must-haves, there are many products that you can choose from. Learning how to select a smart baby monitor is essential and will provide you with peace of mind as your child sleeps. 

    Read more about Baby Must Haves: How to Prepare for Your New Baby

    Do you want to learn more about the best baby monitor and baby accessories for your child? Be sure to visit our Amazon online store and Pixsee Shop for a complete list of features and buying options.

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    publish:April 12, 2023, update:January 2, 2024

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