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    Baby Talk: How To Decode Your Baby's Cries

    Decode Your Baby's Cries
    pixsee editor
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    There is a single sound that is capable of breaking your heart in two. It isn't a sound that existed before you became a parent. If you could only understand this fussy cacophony, your life could be so much easier!

    We're talking, of course, about the sound of your baby's cries! You might feel helpless when your little one's cheeks go bright red and their little fists swing through the air. If only you could decode your baby's cries and understand exactly what they need every time! 

    The pixsee smart baby monitor is here to help. While we can't provide a word-for-word translation of every shriek and whimper, our cry decoder feature can inspire confidence and support you during those stressful first weeks with a newborn baby. With your pixsee smart baby monitor and a little background knowledge, you will feel empowered to power through and be the wonderful parent that you want to be!

    We have created this "translation guide" to help you understand the many ways in which crying is simply a loud form of passionate communication! Keep reading and you will be on your way to speaking Newborn. After all, it was your first language, too! 

    Baby Cry Decoder In Action

    How often have you wished that you could have an extra pair of eyes? How about an additional set of hands? As soon as you hear your sweet baby fussing from the next room, there is nothing you wouldn't do to go and soothe them. 

    With the pixsee Smart Baby Monitor, you will have peace of mind with every cry. You can instantly and remotely play a selection of soothing, curated parenting music, or even speak to your baby from another room! Your baby monitor's enhanced, ear-friendly speakers are the perfect way to calm your little one as they learn to trust and self-soothe. 

    When your baby is still brand new, you might feel your heart race every time they make the slightest sound. With pixsee smart cry decoder feature, friendly graphics and simple text will provide clues to your baby's needs. Your parenting companion will let you know if a cry is simple discomfort, hunger, or even boredom! 

    We developed our technology using data from families and leading hospitals around the world. You will have peace of mind as you learn to understand your precious baby's developing communication skills. Our industry-leading privacy protection will ensure that you and your baby can get to know one another safely and securely, day or night. 

    The "Why" Behind The "Cry"

    why babys cry-1Imagine that you are a brand new person. It's your first time in the world, and you don't even know how to control your tiny hands yet! Every word is just another sound, and you haven't yet figured out how to make meaning out of all of the strange and wonderful noises around you! 

    When your baby cries, it is because they don't yet have the language or physical skills necessary to convey their needs. All they know is that if they make a lot of noise, a person who loves them will come to the rescue! 

    It's common for new parents to get frustrated during the early days when every cry sounds similar. The ability to decode your baby's cries will come with time and experience. Just as your baby is learning to process a whole world full of new noises, you are learning to understand their unique needs and communication style. 

    Here are a few of the most common reasons why your newborn baby might be crying up a storm! 

    "I'm Hungry!"

    How can a little baby possibly eat so much? You have to remember that their tummies are little, too! When their only job is to grow and develop, all of the energy from their feedings goes to work right away! 

    You're likely to hear the hunger cry often, and it's one of the first cries you'll learn to recognize. It is often accompanied by physical cues from your baby. They might put their fingers in their mouth, making sucking motions with their lips, or move their head in a 'rooting' motion

    "I'm Bored!"

    A baby's life is full of novelty! With such a short attention span, your newborn might not even realize that you have them in a routine. Even so, a baby's developing brain is hungry for stimulation, so they sometimes cry out of boredom!

    You can identify a bored cry because it usually goes through a few phases. It may begin with cooing, transition to fussing, then full-on crying - often with a few little whimpers thrown in for good measure!

    The solution to this one is simple! Pick that sweet baby up and keep them company

    "I've Had Enough Of This!"

    The opposite of boredom is overstimulation. In a world in which everything is new, it's easy to experience a little too much excitement too quickly. In other words, babies can get stressed out by noises, images, or motion and will cry when they have had enough novelty for the day!

    This cry might sound whiny or fussy. Use this opportunity to move your baby to a calmer environment. Many pixsee smart families find the selection of white noise on the app is perfect for this! 

    "I'm Getting Sleepy!" 

    Babies do the majority of their growing in their sleep, so learning their tiredness cues is key to responsive parenting. Once you've learned your baby's ideal sleep patterns, you might not hear this cry often. Until then, this intense, nasal cry will give you a clue that it's time for a nap! 

    First, check your baby's diaper. After that, help your baby get comfy. A newborn can sleep for up to sixteen hours a day, so another nap is perfectly fine! 

    "I'm Brand New And The World Is Stressing Me Out!" 

    Every so often you will encounter a cry that is hard to decipher. You might become overwhelmed when nothing seems to help. It is very common for babies to cry for seemingly no reason, sometimes for as long as an hour.

    While this is difficult for parents, it is normal and natural. If you were brand new and couldn't walk or talk, you might have some pent-up feelings, too! Love your little one through it and you will both be perfectly fine on the other side. 

    Decode Your Baby's Cries With pixsee Smart Baby Monitor

    Communication may be challenging early on, but before long, learning to decode your baby's cries will become intuitive. Until then, your pixsee smart baby monitor can help you make sense of every grunt, gurgle, and giggle! It's the perfect companion for your baby's growth journey. 

    Our pixsee smart baby monitors are playful chic, boutique-level products that can help you navigate all of your baby's firsts. Buy yours online today and you will be on your way to speaking your baby's language! 

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    publish:June 28, 2022, update:September 26, 2022

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