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    DIY Newborn Photography Tips for New Parents

    pixsee editor
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    Something about babies makes you want to take hundreds of thousands of photos of them as they continue to grow. From the time they're born until well into adulthood, we just can't seem to help ourselves as parents. 

    But, even though we enjoy having photoshoots with our little ones, things can become quite costly, and quite frankly, babies aren't always the most cooperative subjects. If you're thinking about trying your hand at DIY newborn photography, you've come to the right place.

    Below you'll find tons of tips from newborn photography outfits to newborn photography props you can use. Lights, camera, and get ready to capture all those adorable newborn photos after you check out this guide.

    Take Photos ASAP


    When babies are first born, they only want to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom, which means it's the perfect time to take photos of them. What we mean is, babies within the first two weeks following birth are more likely to sit still and allow you to move them into different positions.

    After the first two weeks, while you're still able to take as many photos as you want, the baby might not be as willing to rest peacefully in the knapsack you've placed them in so you can take a picture.

    If you're planning to take on newborn photography, do yourself a favor and have the session as soon as possible.

    Go the Unconventional Route

    If you enjoy taking organic photos of your baby moving naturally without noticing you there, you'll want to go the unconventional route and use your baby monitor. Yes, you read that correctly; use your baby monitor.

     If you have the pixsee baby monitor and app on your phone, you can capture gorgeously clear photos of your baby when they're sleeping peacefully in their cribs, especially at night. Not to mention taking pictures of your baby with the baby monitor gives you the excuse you need to check on them without disturbing them.

    With pixsee, you can take staged photos and videos, and you've also got the option to capture several candid shots. The monitor also allows you to change the angles before you begin shooting, which is useful, especially when you're performing a newborn photoshoot from the comfort of your home. You’ll have all the time you need to get the perfect shot! Try different perspectives, the results will look much natural.

    DIY Newborn Photography

    Incorporate Family Members

    While it’s easy to go a little “gaga” over taking pictures of your new bundle of joy, don’t forget to bring the rest of the family into the fun! Many of life’s most treasured memories will be moments with loved ones such as grandma, big sister, and of course you and Dad.

    While more formal and planned family photos are a nice to have, don’t forget to plan for a few surprise shots to capture the behind-the-scenes early days of life with baby.

    If you have a pixsee smart baby monitor, you’ll be able to capture those precious candid moments easily. Just program the monitor to take images at certain times of the day -- or randomly -- and you’ll soon have an album of priceless authentic moments that you’ll cherish forever.

    Feed the Baby & Warm Things Up

    Much like adults who become 'hangry' when hungry, babies behave the same way. As newborns, they cannot communicate with words that they're hungry, but they can tell you through crying and refusing to sit still.

    Before you begin your photoshoot, ensure you've fed your baby. This will keep them settled for a little while as you snap away. You can also consider take photos/ record videos when your babies feel hungry or when they are fed. That definitely adds some fun. 

    We also recommend you ensure the room isn't cold because as you're taking photos, the baby will be searching for a heat source. Even if you're taking pictures during the warmer months, the inside of your home still needs to be at an optimal temperature for your baby. Not sure if the temperature is right? Your pixsee monitor has built-in temperature and humidity detection to ensure baby is always comfortable.

    Use a Tripod

    pixsee adjustable floor stand

    There's nothing worse than getting to the end of your photo session, and you realize all your photos aren't clear or level. Use a tripod to hold the camera steady throughout the photos shoot.

    Another reason to use a tripod is, so you're able to get into some of the photos as well. When you look back at these photos, you want to be a part of them too.

    Ensure everyone is ready for the picture and then set the self-timer. But, before you press the button and run over to join the photo, ensure everyone is in the right place and the baby is posed the way you want them to be posed.

    Sound like a bit of a hassle? You could also take the easier route and use your pixsee 5-in-1 stand instead of the tripod and camera timer. Sleek and sturdy with adjustments for low-level, eye-level, low overhead level, and high overhead level you’re guaranteed to get the perfect angle.

    Natural Light is the Best Light

    Unless you have studio lighting equipment laying around your house, chances are you'll need to find another light source for your newborn photoshoot. Natural lighting is the best lighting you can use because it gives you that glow you're looking for without exposing your baby to its intense rays.

    We recommend shooting your baby during the 'golden hour,' either earlier in the morning or later in the evening. The golden hour is magical and produces these soft shadows while also highlighting the beauty of your baby and others in the shot. 

    Choose Your Props

    Newborn photography props

    Now is the time to have fun with the different props you can use during the photoshoot. The best part of newborn photography props is you don't have to go with just one.

    You can have fun and choose several different props to place on your baby and use in each shot. Of course, keep in mind your baby's temperament because, after a while, they might get tired of having to change clothes and positions.

    However, again you can work around this and angle pixsee to capture photos of your baby as they naturally change positions.

    Have Fun!

    The last and most important tip is to have fun. You're making precious memories with your baby, and you don't want it to be overshadowed by overthinking and frustration.

    If things don't go the way you planned for them to go, that's okay. Take cues from your baby and let the photoshoot happen organically.

    When you do it this way, it can make for some incredible photo results that just might turn out better than what you had originally planned.

    Ready to try your luck at DIY newborn photography? Click here to shop for pixsee and be sure to send us your favorite photos with the hashtag, #Capturedbypixsee!

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    publish:March 16, 2022, update:March 16, 2022

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