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    Tips on How to Prepare for Your Newborn Photography

    Tips on how to prepare for your newborn photography
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    Being a parent to a newborn is an extremely exciting and rewarding experience! While it's a busy time full of ups and downs, be sure to soak it all in as it goes by so fast. With the newborn stage going by so quickly, scheduling a newborn photo shoot is a great idea to encapsulate this special time in your child's life through a series of great photos.

    What is newborn photography? Newborn photography refers to a category of photography that focuses on capturing newborn babies in their first days or weeks. Newborn photographers are trained and experienced in safely wrapping, lighting and soothing newborns. The photos taken are to help you remember all of the details of when they were first born.

    So,  keep in mind that the best time for photographers to take newborn photos is when your baby is between 5 and 14 days old. With this being such a short window of time, it's important to schedule your session with your photographer well in advance. It's ideal to begin looking for a newborn photographer and scheduling your session with them sometime during your second trimester.

    While it's always great to plan, we understand that little ones can be quite unpredictable. Luckily, we've compiled some tips on how you can make your newborn photography session an enjoyable experience for both you and your little one. Check out all the tips below!


    Tips to Prepare for Newborn Photography and Minimize Fussiness

    The first few days after your baby's birth will be a busy and exciting time for you both. Your little one will be having as many new experiences as you. To keep them happy and to minimize fussiness during their newborn photography session, be sure to implement the following tips.

    Keep Baby Awake Before the Session

    Newborns sleep a lot, but sometimes their sleep patterns don't match up with perfectly laid plans. With newborn photography shoots working best when little ones are catching z's, it's a good idea to keep your baby awake before the session. This will allow your little one to sleep during the session, giving the photographer an ample opportunity to easily pose the baby to create the most beautiful and peaceful-looking photos possible.

    Feed Baby Before the Session


    Along with keeping your little one awake before your photography session, it's also a good idea to feed your baby about 20-30 minutes before the session. You don't want to miss out on cute shots because your little one suddenly breaks out into frantic cries looking for some milk. Ultimately, feeding and burping your little one before the session begins means fewer crying babies, more relaxed parents, and happier photographers.

    feed the baby before newborn photography session

    The Best Clothing and Accessories for Newborn Photo Shoots

    Many photographers prefer little ones to be completely nude during the session as it makes for the cutest little photos and keepsakes. To make this transition a little easier, it's a great idea to change your little one into a new loosely fitted diaper and bring them swaddled to the photography studio.

    If you do want to bring some cute outfits for your little one to wear during the session or if you or the older siblings are going to jump into a few shots, the following are some tips on what types of clothing and accessories will work best.

    • Wear clothes that don't wrinkle easily, as you will likely be holding your little one.
    • Wear solid colors or small prints to keep the attention focused on the baby.
    • The best colors for newborn sessions tend to be white/cream, black, neutrals, and pastels.
    • Avoid wearing clothes with words on them as it draws focus away from the baby.
    • Dress for the photography studio, which is often kept around 80 degrees.
    • Bring a change of clothes for everyone that will be in the photos as you never know what will happen when posing with a nude baby!

    Fun and Creative Newborn Photography Props


    Fun and Creative Newborn Photography PropsIf you have some fun or creative props you would like to incorporate into your newborn photography shoot, make sure to discuss this with your photographer during booking. This will allow you to collaborate, go back and forth with ideas, and create a better understanding of what the plans and expectations are before the day of the session.

    If you're still looking for some fun or creative newborn photography props, the following should provide you with some needed inspiration.

    • Props that have a family history or significance like a parent's or grandparent's military uniform.
    • A creative prop that has become popular is placing the baby around the mother's wedding dress or veil.
    • Props that have sentimental value like a blanket made by a loved one.
    • Cute stuffed animals can serve as great props in newborn photography sessions.
    • Props that represent hobbies that you or your partner enjoy can also be great additions to any newborn photography session.

    If you are not sure what props to bring, don't be afraid to ask your photographer. They will be able to point you in the right direction and help you create photos that you will love and that will serve as great keepsakes.

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    Capturing Priceless Candid at Home

    Once you've had your professional newborn photography session, don't let the fun stop there! 

    Capturing priceless candids at home is easy with Pixsee! With a 5MP and 6-layer optical lens, images and videos are super clear, it's as if you're in the same room. The clever camera's 160° ultra-wide view lets you see all corners of a room with zero distortion.

    The optional four-way adjustable stand ensures you'll get the perfect shot no matter where you're at - tickle fests on the floor, lullabies on the rocking chair, or playing peekaboo with baby in the crib. 


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    publish:December 17, 2021, update:March 19, 2024

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