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    How to Dress Baby for Sleep: Best Clothing Materials to Use

    pixsee editor
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    Sometimes love comes in the form of hugs and kisses. Sometimes love comes in the form of a box of shiny, cream-filled chocolates. Often, love comes in the form of a handful of words: "Don't forget your jacket." 

    The most loving parents spend a lot of time thinking about whether their sweet baby is too hot or too cold. They might agonize over baby clothes and how to keep those tiny hats on tinier heads. Every new parent we know has wondered how to dress baby for sleep. 

    The reason you worry is because you are bursting with love for your sleepy-eyed little one. That doesn't mean you should be losing sleep over a pair of itty bitty pajamas! Once you understand the role that clothing plays in sleep hygiene for babies, you'll be sleeping better yourself.

    We've created this pint-sized pajama guide to help you master nighttime fashion! Keep reading to learn how to choose baby clothing for your precious baby's best night of sleep yet. 

    How to Dress Baby for Sleep

    How to Dress Baby for Sleep

    You might have heard the rule "if you're cold, your baby is cold." There is definitely truth to that statement. Sleep specialists suggest that you should dress your baby in one more layer than you'd wear yourself, but that does not always apply.

    The one rule that does always apply is that you should not use blankets or loose sheets in your baby's crib. They can pose a suffocation risk. With that in mind, your baby's bedtime attire will have to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to temperature control. 

    When choosing sleep attire for your baby, always consider the ambient temperature in the room. Ideally, the temperature of your baby's room should remain between 68° and 72° Fahrenheit (However, always confirm with your pediatrician!). At that temperature, your baby will not need any extra layers of baby clothing to sleep soundly. 

    If your home runs warm or cold, however, it's important to compensate. Your pixsee smart video baby monitor will send you notifications if there is a change to the temperature and humidity in your baby's room. It takes all of the guesswork out of choosing pajamas. 

    As a rule, it's better to slightly underdress your baby than to overdress them. Babies overheat easily, which has been linked to SIDS in infants six months and younger. A video baby monitor can help you keep a close eye on your sleeping baby to ensure they aren't sweating, blotchy, or experiencing rapid breathing. 

    All in all, your best bet is to keep an eye on the thermostat and dress your baby like you'd dress yourself for bed. 

    To Swaddle or Not to Swaddle?

    Why You Should Swaddle Your Baby

    For nine blissful months, your baby enjoyed the constant comfort of their very own waterbed. Human beings of all ages sleep in "the fetal position" for a reason! Nothing rivals the safety of basking in the womb, which is why babies feel safe and secure when you swaddle them. 

    So, should you swaddle baby at bedtime? If your baby is not yet rolling over independently, the answer is yes. A baby who responds to swaddling will sleep well when you wrap their tiny bodies up in that cozy, nostalgic position. 

    Many new parents love sleepsacks and swaddlers. These are essentially pajamas that do the swaddling for you. They offer the pressure and comfort that babies love but are easy to put on and take off. 

    Many sleepsacks are convertible, allowing you to choose how to swaddle your little one. Some babies may prefer their arms untucked, while others sleep in a hands-to-face position. In all cases, these convenient parenting tools make it easy to adhere to CDC recommendations and put your baby "back to sleep." 

    With that said, not all babies like it when you swaddle them. If they don't enjoy the feeling, there is no need to force it. Pick up a pair of cute footie pajamas and you will still keep baby warm.  Want tips on swaddling? Learn more here: How to Swaddle a Baby

    Sleepwear for Every Season

    Should you dress your baby in the same pajamas year-round or mix things up as the seasons change? Your best bet is to respond to the conditions around you! Here are some sample bedtime ensembles, based on the temperature outside.

    How to Dress Baby for Bedtime in Cold Weather

    When it gets cold outside, it's time to break out the fleece and microfiber pajamas and sleep sacks! Layer everything over a basic cotton onesie.

    Though it may be tempting, put the blankets away. Your baby will be cozy in their swaddler. It's basically a wearable blanket.

    Babies never need to wear a hat to sleep. While it may look cute, it's a suffocation risk that often leads to overheating. 

    How to Dress Baby for Bedtime in Warmer Weather

    On warm summer nights, it's okay to keep things light. A cotton onesie or t-shirt with a swaddler is all your baby needs to drift off in the heat. If you keep the room within that 68° to 72°F temperature range, then a pair of cotton footie pajamas is perfect.

    If you have less control over the temperature, however, lose the layers. On hot nights, a onesie is fine. Just be sure to keep an eye on your baby with your pixsee smart baby camera. 

    Peace of Mind with pixsee and Pajamas


    The first thing many new parents do when they find out they're expecting is go out and buy the sweetest pair of tiny baby pajamas they can find. Now that your baby is here, practicality comes first. Now that you understand how to dress baby for sleep, you can choose the sweetest sleep attire with safety in mind. 

    Your pixsee smart video baby monitor will help you feel even more confident when putting your sweet baby to bed. With state-of-the-art features like temperature and humidity notifications, covered face detection, and cry decoder, you'll never have to wonder if your little one is cozy in their crib. Visit our online store to make pixsee your trusted parenting companion, day or night.
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    publish:June 22, 2022, update:June 22, 2022

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