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    Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

    Back in the 20th century, it was wildly understood that blue, a delicate and dainty color, was most appropriate for baby girls. It wasn't until 1940 that pink became synonymous with sugar,

    expert recs | 4 minutes read

    Double Joy: What Are My Chances of Having Twins?

    Did you know that 32 out of every 1,000 births in the United States comes with a free bonus baby? The chance of having twins, either naturally or via fertility treatments, has increased

    expert recs | 6 minutes read

    8 Tips for Increasing Your Milk Supply

    The human body is a miraculous system. If you thought watching your body grow and change during pregnancy was like magic, wait until you begin spontaneously producing breastmilk!

    expert recs | 6 minutes read

    Natural Ways to Combat Nausea in Pregnancy

    If you can read this sentence without gagging, you're doing better than about 70% of pregnant women. Morning sickness is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms, frequently occurring

    expert recs | 6 minutes read

    Top 25 Fun Nicknames for Baby Boys

    Your baby boy will be a unique, wholly original fusion of you and your partner, with a vibrant personality all his own. Do you want your remarkable little man to walk into his bright new

    expert recs | 7 minutes read

    Why is Second Trimester Most Enjoyable for Moms-to-Be?

    After weeks spent hunched over the porcelain throne, you lift your head and realize you have enough strength to keep yourself upright. Your incessant nausea has vanished, and you find

    expert recs | 6 minutes read

    How to Protect Your Baby from the Sun

    You never want to hear the word "cancer" used in the same sentence as the word "childhood," but the truth is that the disease has the power to impact the lives of little ones. Melanoma, a

    expert recs | 6 minutes read

    How to Create a Birth Plan

    Whether you're about to have your first baby or your fifth, you've imagined how you want your labor and delivery to go. You can picture the events in your mind, down to what you'll be

    expert recs | 6 minutes read

    Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding: How Do You Decide?

    If you spend a lot of time on social media apps, you're used to comparing your life to the curated, photogenic worlds of your favorite parenting influencers. Recent studies suggest that

    expert recs | 6 minutes read

    8 Best Wearable Breast Pump Options for 2023

    Your breast pump might seem like just another standard piece of parenting technology, but did you know that pumping has only been ubiquitous for about thirty years? The rise of feminism in

    expert recs | 6 minutes read

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