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    Pixsee vs Cubo AI Plus: An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

    Pixsee vs. Cubo AI Plus: An Ultimate Buyer's Guide
    pixsee editor
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    After being asked what parents wish they would have done differently, sixty-three percent said they wished they had more taken more photos of their babies. Parents always warn how fast time flies by, how quickly kids grow up. Without photos and videos to document how quickly babies develop, parents find themselves forgetting what it was like to have a newborn.

    Now, there's a highly advanced technology that accounts for parents' wishes. Smart monitors like the Cubo AI Plus, and Pixsee have set the bar high for market standards. 

    Knowing the difference between the Cubo AI Plus smart baby monitor and Pixsee smart baby monitor allows you to gain insight into which monitor is best for your family. Keep reading to compare and contrast the key features of the best smart baby monitors on the market. 

    Cubo AI Plus vs. Pixsee

    Baby monitors have become smarter with the addition of artificial intelligence (AI). The Cubo AI Plus, for example, has a digital microphone that lets you talk to your baby, hear what they're saying, and see live video clips. It even tracks your baby's sleeping patterns and detects when they roll over or cover their face with a blanket.

    After you give birth to your baby, sleep is probably not one of your main concerns. However, sleep deprivation can have a significant impact on a new parent's health and well-being. That's why we recommend investing in a smart baby monitor. This device will help you get the rest you need while keeping an eye on your baby at all times. A smart baby monitor is essential not only for new parents but for every step of the way as well—from pregnancy through breastfeeding and even beyond.

    Comparing the Cubo AI Plus and Pixsee helps parents identify which features are must-haves, and which they can do without.

    Cubo AI Plus

    The Cubo AI Plus utilizes artificial intelligence to track your baby's sleep habits, safety at night, and more. The camera itself works through an app, so you don't have a physical monitor to carry around with you. For some, this is ideal. 

    You don't have to charge a separate monitor device and worry about keeping track of it. Others may prefer a tangible device. They use their phones for other things and don't want the baby monitor eating up their battery. 

    Another unique feature of the Cubo AI Plus is that it can detect the humidity and temperature within your baby's nursery. This means it does come with extra equipment, which could be something extra that new parents might not want to deal with.  

    It also has the ability to capture five to ten photos a day. There are also basic features, such as offering white noise and access to your voice through a microphone. The night vision utilizes infrared light, has 1080p resolution, and has a one-hundred thirty-five-degree wide angle

    The app is free for the first year, which compares to other smart baby monitors out there. Many require a monthly or annual subscription to use the features on their apps. Through the app, eight members can watch your baby at the same time.


    The Pixsee is marketed as a smart baby monitor used primarily to capture high-quality moments you might have missed out on without the Pixsee's benefits. It uses artificial intelligence to act as a smart photographer, which you can control manually or automatically.

    Not only can Pixsee alert you when your baby is crying, but it uses smart detection technology and advanced algorithms to instantly track and detect your baby's facial expressions, letting you capture every treasured moment of your child growing up.

    The collage album feature organizes photos based on time and date taken. This gives you a virtual baby photo scrapbook without the time and hassle it takes to make a tangible scrapbook. You can even add personalized notes to each photo or video for additional keepsakes.

    The technology is highly advanced, giving many features such as the following:

    Pixsee industry leading visual specs

    • Ultra-wide angle lens
    • Image correction 
    • Distortion-free technology
    • 1080p resolution
    • Nighthawk mode

    In addition, the AI in Pixsee smart baby monitor has a cry decoder. AI uses research from global hospitals and families to detect whether your baby is upset, hungry, uncomfortable, too hot, etc. 

    Pixsee World's first cry decoder

    The Pixsee smart baby monitor comes with a temperature and humidifier detector, so you won't have to worry about adjusting the temperature of the room to make your baby more comfortable. Additional features include covered face detection and area detection, so you can set your camera to detect areas where you don't want your baby to wander off to. This feature will alert you immediately before they reach an unsafe area of the house. The middle-of-the-night feedings will be easier, as well, thanks to the camera's ability to detect when a blanket is creeping up over your baby's face.

    Cubo AI Plus: In-Depth

    The Cubo AI Plus is a smart baby monitor that works with Amazon Alexa. It features many of the same features as the Pixsee, but it does them in a different way.

    Both monitors are compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can set up voice commands for your baby's room like "Alexa, turn on the night light." They also have Danger Zone detection to keep your baby safe as they start crawling and grow into toddlerhood. Also, there’s a two-way talking feature so you can soothe your baby from another room or while heading towards their nursery.

    You can use the app to get access to in-depth sleep analytics of your baby's sleeping patterns. Tracking their habits can be useful for a multitude of reasons—it can help you plan a day around their nap schedule or optimize their sleep, for example. You might find this overwhelming at first, but if you use it right, you can get a lot out of this data. This doesn't monitor breathing patterns though—only sleeping habits

    Pixsee: In-Depth

    The Pixsee was made to be fairly seamless and effortless in its setup. It only has one stand with four height adjustments and five different modes. You can easily set it up on the wall, a surface or attach it to the stand to see your baby at any angle. 

    pixsee adjustable floor stand SQ

    The different modes include the following:

    • High overhead view
    • Low overhead view
    • Eye-level view
    • Low-level view
    • Wall mount

    These different views allow you to see your baby in the crib, on the floor, during playtime, and in any room you choose. 

    The Pixsee app uses encryption to protect your data. It adheres to privacy laws and requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation. There's also a secure cryptoprocessor-enhanced chip encryption protection to protect users' information.  The app also uses user verification methods used by the app to enforce data protection.

    Also, Pixsee is outstanding in terms of audio-visual specification, content, craftsmanship, built quality, etc.

    We're so confident of the quality of our hinge that we've rigorously tested it for you. We twisted it 10,000 times to ensure it's sturdy. We subjected it to the industry's highest level of fatigue testing, which it passed repeatedly. We conducted 20,000 hours of computing and design optimization to create a high-performance hinge that will last for a long time, and we ran 100+ tests on the system to ensure that it could weather any storms.

    FAQ: What Features Do I Need?

    Many parents wonder which feature they really need when buying a baby monitor. Some are old-school and don't need a baby monitor at all. Other parents, like those with babies who have health conditions, want monitors that can track their baby's breathing/heartbeats.

    All of these are valid. However, with the technology on the market, it makes sense to get an advanced camera if investing in a baby monitor.

    Why? You can remotely watch your child sleep or play in real time on your smartphone! It's easy to set up and use with no additional hardware required because it connects directly to your Wi-Fi network—no router needed!

    You can also adjust the camera from anywhere from zoom in on details like lips moving or eyes fluttering to pan across the entire room so you don't miss anything important happening while away from home. Even better? You can record what you're seeing so later you can relive those precious moments over and over again!

    The best baby monitors on the market today have many features that make them stand out from their competitors. These features include FHD video quality, cloud storage, security and privacy data, two-way communication between parent and child (baby), sound detection, temperature alerts and more.

    The ability to listen to your child's breathing and heartbeat is important for some parents but not others so you should decide what features are most important for you before investing in one of these cameras.

    They also give you peace of mind and capture memories you'll have stored forever. 

    FAQ: What Is The Lifespan Of A Baby Monitor?


    When you think about it, baby monitors have to be pretty durable. After all, they’re meant to last through your child’s first few years of life, and there are few things more stressful than being a new parent.

    But what exactly is the lifespan of a baby monitor? It, of course, depends on how often you use your monitor and how well you maintain its quality, but baby monitors last a long time. One of the advantages of Pixsee is that the monitor can take pictures and videos of your toddler long after they’ve outgrown babyhood. Pixsee & Pixsee Play are next-level baby monitors that not only look out for children’s safety but also create and capture beautiful moments. Their expertly curated music also stimulate audio development. Pixsee Play also  works together in a magical way with Pixsee Friends to develop a stimulating environment that builds character, offering the best for one’s child.

    It's important to clean your monitor regularly. Dust, dirt, and other particles can build up on the screen, which may cause damage to the monitor over time. Regular cleaning with a dry cloth for periodic maintenance will help keep things running smoothly for as long as possible. Make sure you turn off or unplug your device before cleaning it.

    FAQ: Why Is It Important To Monitor The Baby’s Movement?

    When you’re a new parent, you want to be able to relax and enjoy your baby. But when you’re sleep-deprived, it can be hard to know if your baby is safe in the next room. That’s where a movement monitor comes in handy.

    These monitors are incredibly useful for parents who want a little extra peace of mind when their babies are sleeping or playing in their cribs. Using highly accurate sensors, they track your baby’s movement while they’re asleep and alert you to any irregularities in their cry or movement. The best are paired with a notification in your smartphone if the baby may be in danger, which classifies movement monitors as essential in-home baby devices.

    Pixsee has a decoding feature that recognizes and translates various cries and their meaning to help parents recognize their baby's needs.

    Buy a Baby Monitor

    Cubo AI Plus and Pixsee are both excellent baby monitors. Both are smart, advanced, reliable, and dependable. But, you'll get a comfortable option at a worthy price with the Pixsee.

    Investing in a baby monitor with an easy setup is a great way to capture endless memories of your baby, but it can also keep them safe at the same time. The more things you have to worry about when the baby arrives, the less likely you are to forget important things like setting up their room or making sure they're comfortable.

    It's no secret that we're all about helping you save time and money. visit our Pixsee Shop or Amazon online store to learn about the other features that make Pixsee the perfect parenting companion.


    publish:December 22, 2022, update:April 10, 2024

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