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    Preparing for Fatherhood: Tips on Becoming a Father for the First Time

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    Preparing for fatherhood? Well, first of all, congratulations! This is a wonderful thing, and it's the start of an incredible, never-ending life journey.

    This time is exciting—but that's just the start of the emotions. It's so, so, so much more. It's intimidating. It's scary. It's joyful. It's overwhelming. It's fascinating. It's all fatherhood and it's all coming soon.

    Think you're ready for it? Here's the bottom line: no one ever really and truly is prepared to be a father for the first time. There's just so much you don't know!

    That's why we're here to help with. Here are our eight tips for life to come as you're preparing for fatherhood.

    Show Support for Your Partner

    How to Support Your Pregnant Wife

    Remember, you're only half of the equation! If you're raising the child in a partnership, be sure to engage that person and show support constantly. This is a brand-new and (oftentimes) scary thing for both people that are raising the child. Be open with your thoughts and feelings. Discuss all of the things you want and need to talk about when it comes to parenthood.

    As much as you can, be sure to take some time for yourselves to relax and decompress (easier said than done, for sure). The more you can engage and be open with your partner in parenthood, the better it will be.

     Couple of ways you can show your support:

    • Make an effort to attend all the baby appointments, not just the “fun” ones like the first visit, ultrasound, and gender reveal.
    • Cheer her on with thoughtful gifts as she battles the chronic fatigue, morning sickness, and restless sleep. This might be a new pillow, gift certificate for a prenatal massage, soothing candle with lavender to encourage restful sleep, or even take out from her favorite restaurant as a special treat when she’s too exhausted to leave the house.
    • Be vocal about how proud you are of her and how much you appreciate the sacrifices she’s making to bring your little one into the world. This can be little notes hidden around the house, a heartfelt card, or just a meaningful conversation over dinner at home.
    • Be willing to discuss important topics such as whether or not she may want to breastfeed, whether baby will stay in their nursery or if you will want to co-sleep for the first couple of months. 

    Talk With Other Fathers

     Odds are, you know quite a lot of people that have "been there and done that" when it comes to fatherhood. Use them as a network for all of the questions you might have! That network can include friends, family—even your father or grandfather. All of these dads have seen and dealt with it all.  

    If you have any questions about the miracle that is fatherhood—or you're just feeling overwhelmed sometimes—they can offer you a shoulder to lean on and the advice that can make a difference. Preparing for fatherhood is a "big tent" experience.

     Interesting questions and considerations to ask:

    • What aspect of Fatherhood took you completely off guard?
    • When your wife went into labor, is there anything you wish you would have done differently?
    • During those first few days at home with baby, what product or service was the biggest life saver?
    • What piece of advice did you receive about Fatherhood that resonated the most with you?
    • What baby sleep training method worked best for you?

    Stock Up on The Things You'll Need 

    Tips on becoming a Father

    Want to get any parenting books? Now's the time to make a reading list and start adding that wisdom to your brain. Oh, also, order some of the baby basics. Is your home stocked enough for your new arrival? Do you have enough diapers? How about books, toys, diapers, baby outfits and anything else? Take a quick walk-through of your home to see what you have (and what you might still need).

    A couple of considerations:

    • Create a baby registry on Amazon and add your baby must-haves
    • Will you be using cloth or disposable diapers? If cloth, you might want to make arrangements with a cleaning service. If disposable, you can sign-up for automatic deliveries, so you’ll never run out.
    • You’ll more than likely be eating at home often in the beginning. Perhaps consider a meal delivery service like Hello Fresh, a done-for-you grocery delivery service like Shipt or research a service like Farmhouse Delivery that facilitates deliveries from Organic Farmer’s in your area.

    Get All the Baby Work Off Your To-Do List

    Get moving on all of those baby-centric projects, if you haven't already! Finish the baby's room, build the crib, assemble the stroller, put together all of the toys they'll play with. Spend a lot of time organizing everything so that things are as simple as possible when the baby gets there. Trust us: when the baby comes, you'll want to have everything as in-order as possible. It doesn't stay that way too long!

    Few reminders for commonly overlooked to-do’s:

    • Do you have enough batteries for all the baby devices?
    • If you have a dog, do you need a doggy gate to make sure they can’t visit baby unsupervised?
    • Have you updated your insurance policy?
    • Will baby be baptized or are you planning any other religious events? If so, how soon in advance will they need to be booked?
    • Do you have “Thank you” cards on hand so that you can write the notes as soon as the gifts arrive?

    Take a Look at Your Finances

    Preparing to be a Dad

    Having a baby is not a cheap proposition! Tons of added expenses come along with having a new child in the home. Just the diapers alone can be a massive expense. If you don't have your finances set, you could be in for one giant case of "sticker shock" as the baby comes.  

    Get ahead of your finances and get on the same page with your partner now to avoid any misunderstandings or financial problems a little bit down the road.  

    A few discussion points for your finances:

    • Will you set-up a college savings plan such as a 529 plan, Living Trust, or additional savings account at your bank?
    • Are you planning on daycare for baby? If so, at what age and what will that added expense be?
    • If you’re taking maternity and/or paternity leave, will you be compensated at your full rate? Or will you be taking a pay cut for a portion of your leave?
    • Have any relatives expressed wanting to make a cash donation to help support you? If so, how will that money spent?

    Take Some Time for Yourself

    If you’ve made it this far, then you know you’re going to be very busy leading up to baby’s birth and beyond! If work (and home time) schedules permit, try to take a day trip just by yourself to exhale and decompress.

    After all of that time spent together, it's probably a healthy thing for you and your partner to spend some time alone with your thoughts before the baby comes. So, take a little trip into town or a good drive somewhere. Sit by yourself, take in some deep breaths and let that solitude wash over you. You won't have many moments like that coming up!

    Couple of suggestions for "me"  time before baby arrives:

    • Plan a weekend getaway with friends as a last guys trip before Fatherhood.
    • Enjoy a Father & Son golf retreat so you can soak up any last minute advice from your Dad.
    • Find a relaxing camping spot you can escape to for a night or two. Just make sure you have good cell service in case your Mom-to-be needs anything!
    • Grab coffee at a lakefront coffee shop and journal your thoughts on becoming a Dad.
    • Knock out a bucket list item that might be easier to accomplish pre-baby such as running a marathon, visiting a long lost cousin, or even taking those Jiu-Jitsu classes.

    Capture The Moments That Matter

    Remember, pregnancy, their birth, and early days pass by quickly. They won't be small for that long. Right now, they're small and innocent; in the blink of an eye, they'll grow up and start borrowing your car (and all the money in your wallet).

    Our best advice? Don’t wait until it’s too late to make plans to capture those precious moments. Turn to something like pixsee to capture all of those fatherhood moments when everything is new. Trust us, it won't be too long before it's going to be hard to get them to go into a picture with you!

    Never miss a moment again-1

    Preparing for fatherhood? Capture all of the moments that matter. Click here to learn about how pixsee can help you reserve me-time and capture more precious Fatherhood moments.  

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    publish:December 17, 2021, update:December 17, 2021

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