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    The Ultimate List of Grandparent Names You'll Adore

    Grandparent Names You'll Adore
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    Did you know that about one-third of all adults on earth are grandparents? We're not sure how many of those nurturing older adults go by "Grandma" and "Grandpa," but we're willing to bet it's a lot!

    Choosing a unique set of grandparent names is one way to stand out from the crowd, express an aspect of your culture, or show your love. 

    Are you struggling to dream up the perfect new moniker for mom and dad? We've compiled a master list of the most traditional, cultural, and creative grandparent names out there. Think of it like a one-stop shop for thoughtful, sweet grandparent nicknames.

    Keep reading to discover the nickname that will officially transform your parents into grandparents when your sweet little one arrives!

    Common American Grandparent Names

    The best grandparent names in America are shorter versions of "Grandmother" and "Grandfather." In some cases, they sound a lot like the source. In others, they've gotten much shorter to make them easier for little ones to pronounce. 


    1. Grandma and Grandpa

    This combination is classic! Whether you're into traditional names or want to keep things simple, you can't go wrong with these staples. 

    2. Nana and Papa

    We're willing to bet this one originated when a little one couldn't quite get their mouth around "grandma" and "grandpa." They're quick, snappy, and easy to say, so you can't go wrong. 

    3. MeeMee and PawPaw

    This playful combo is a fun variation on the combo above. The cute repetition and easy-to-pronounce syllables make these sweet grandparent nicknames winners in our book. 

    4. Nanny and Pop-Pop

    "Nanny" is a play on "Nana," one of our favorite traditional names for Grandma. "Pop-Pop," on the other hand, is a play on our tendency to shorten "father" to "Pop." It's one of the snappiest names for grandpa that fits within the traditional aesthetic. 

    5. Grammie and Grampie

    When in doubt, shorten the classic. Grammie and Grampie are easy, silly ways to shrink those traditional grandparent nicknames. Even if you decide to call your parents "Grandma and Grandpa," your little ones might call them this anyway! 

    Cultural and International Grandparent Names

    Many familiar names for grandparents come from the words "Grandmother" or "Grandfather" in a foreign language or culture. Choosing a cultural grandparent name is a lovely way to pay homage to your parents' background. You'll be helping to build your child's unique cultural identity from the beginning. 

    Some of the best grandparent nicknames begin with these cultural translations and transform into new ones. Little ones have their own ideas about how to pronounce foreign names! Introduce your child to language and wait and see how their sweet babbling transforms these terms in cute, unique ways. 

    6. Mémè​re and Pépè​re

    Are your parents from France, French Canada, or a French-speaking island nation? Mémè​re and Pépè​re are the short version of the French words for "Grandmother" and "Grandfather." They might even be the lexical source of some other nicknames on the list, like "MeeMee" and "Poppa." 

    7. Nonna and Nonno

    If you come from an Italian family, you're probably well aware of the Italian names for grandparents. Some Americans choose to mix it up further and include "Nonni." The best part about this combo is that it's easy for tiny mouths to pronounce. 

    8. Oma and Opa

    If you'd like to honor your German or Eastern European heritage, you can't go wrong with the sweet, simple "Oma" and "Opa." Like others, they are simple to say.

    As a fun bonus, "Opa" is a celebratory term in Greek, so your child's excited shouts when Grandpa comes over can hold a second meaning.

    9. Abuela and Abuelo

    If you have a South American, Spanish, or other Latine background, your sweet little one might call your parents "Abuela and Abuelo." Many American parents shorten these further to "Lala" and "Lolo" for easy pronunciation. What a sweet way to honor your heritage and add a sense of play.  

    10. Avo and Vovo

    If your family is from a Portuguese-speaking country, you might choose Avo and Vovo instead. Although Brazil and Portugal share their borders with many Spanish-speaking nations, they have a distinct language and culture.

    11. Mhamo and Seanathair

    There are quite a few names for Grandparents in Ireland, but you can start with these. In Ireland, however, most children call their grandmothers "Granny" or "Nana." Find your own unique names to shorten these Irish words for a more personal term of endearment. 

    Fun, Unique Grandparent Nicknames

    If you've just had your first baby, you're about to learn the truth about parenthood: children have their own ideas about pronunciation, and it's adorable! Often, children will choose a name for their grandparents before you can. That's where some of the more unique names for grandparents got their start. 

    On the other end, you'll find grandparents themselves have a few suggestions. Many contemporary grandmothers and grandfathers prefer to avoid nicknames that make them feel old. Here are a few options that are out of the ordinary. 

    12. G-Ma and G-Pa

    Grandparents who want to sound hip love this shortened alternative to the traditional "Grandpa" and "Grandma." These nicknames share the same number of syllables but sound more contemporary and playful. 

    13. Lolly and Pops

    A sweet alternative to traditional nicknames, these candy-inspired monikers are silly and kid-friendly. 

    14. GeeGee and Peepums

    The dynamic comedy trio "The McElroy Brothers" popularized this combination. While unconventional, it's a twenty-first-century twist on some old nicknames.  

    15. GaGa and GoGo

    Are you looking for a set of nicknames that your little one will be able to pronounce right out of the womb? It doesn't get much easier than this matched set of silly syllables. 

    Whatever You Call Them, It Means "Love"

    You can plan all you like, but little ones have their own ideas regarding the perfect grandparent names. Be open to their sweet mispronunciations, and prepare to fall in love with a variation you wouldn't have thought up yourself. 20211108_amazon_brand_store_app_img_01_m_1680x1238

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    publish:August 24, 2022, update:December 20, 2022

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