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    Twin Baby Nursery Ideas

    In contemporary America, ultrasounds are a routine part of prenatal care. Did you know that this non-invasive test wasn't in use until the 1970s? Before that, parents might not know they

    expert recs | 3 minutes read

    What To Avoid During Your First Trimester of Pregnancy

    Your sweet baby begins life as a cluster of 32 cells packed with the potential to change the world. It takes those cells only six weeks to grow a minuscule beating heart. By the end of your

    expert recs | 3 minutes read

    6 Tips to Help You Plan a Perfect Baby's Nursery

    An empty canvas is full of potential, but making the first mark can be overwhelming. The same is true when you stand at the center of an empty room and begin imagining the possibilities.

    expert recs | 6 minutes read

    Signs of Pregnancy: When Will Baby Bump Show?

    Last week, your fetal development app told you that your baby was the size of a banana. This week, it's the size of a bell pepper. Meanwhile, you only want to see your beautiful pregnant

    expert recs | 3 minutes read

    8 Common Pregnancy Myths Busted

    Did you know that ancient Greek mothers believed the only way to go into labor was to ask their friends to grab their limbs and shake the baby loose? Ancient Spanish mothers used to leave

    expert recs | 4 minutes read

    10 Steps To Start Detoxing Your Home for Pregnancy

    Your beautiful pregnant body is a temple, but it turns out it's more hole-y than holy. An adult human body contains approximately five million pores. Each one is a tiny gateway that allows

    expert recs | 4 minutes read

    Is There Really a Fourth Trimester of Pregnancy?

    Have you ever prepared a recipe that asked you to set something aside so it could continue cooking outside of the oven? Some meals need a little extra time, and your sweet newborn baby can

    expert recs | 3 minutes read

    TRIUMPH for New Moms: What Is the Maternal Mental Health Act?

    Welcoming a new baby can be one of the most joyous times in a new mother's life, but one in seven postpartum women might disagree. That's how many new moms struggle with postpartum

    expert recs | 3 minutes read

    What to Do When Your Birth Plan Goes Wrong

    You have done absolutely everything right. You've spent weeks researching, and you've crafted a clear, comprehensive birth plan. Your spouse and delivery team are on board, and the only

    expert recs | 3 minutes read

    Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

    Back in the 20th century, it was wildly understood that blue, a delicate and dainty color, was most appropriate for baby girls. It wasn't until 1940 that pink became synonymous with sugar,

    expert recs | 3 minutes read

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