clearly as if you were in the same room

    I’m so excited to receive this baby monitor from !                                                                              Not only it looks so cute, it provides clarity

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    I have so much peace of mind with my FHD pixsee smart baby monitor

    I have so much peace of mind with my FHD smart baby monitor from ⁣ With cry detection, sound and motion alerts are sent directly to my phone. Nighthawk mode ensures the

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    Do your kids like to spend time in their room?

    We moved most of Soren’s toys to his room which means he is spending a lot more time in there. It’s so convenient having a monitor that is HD with video AND audio from . Some

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    pixsee, the design is the cutest!

    i can remember when harper was just a baby, being a new mama TERRIFIED me.  i felt like i had to have her beside me at ALL times, and i never left her side, ever. i only wish i had known

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    Having a Boy or a Girl? Old Wives' Tales from Across the World

    Bringing a new life into the world is a journey that is full of excitement and a number of first experiences—for both parents and the new bundle of joy. Even in the earliest stages of

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    Truth About Separation Anxiety in Babies - and Why It’s a Good Thing!

    Your baby is great with people and always goes to others with ease. They smile at the daycare staff and even let your great aunt who you only see once a year cuddle them. Then, all of a

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    How to Prepare for Your Newborn Photography Session

    Being a parent to a newborn is an extremely exciting and rewarding experience! While it’s definitely a busy time full of ups and downs, be sure to soak it all in as it goes by so fast. With

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    Baby Sleep: How Many Naps Does Baby Need in the First Year?

    Babies sleep. A lot. Especially newborns, who typically spend 14–17 hours a day sleeping (and sometimes up to 19 hours!). You might know this already, whether it's because you've had

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    Your Newborn’s Sleep Schedule: How Much Sleep Does a Baby Need?

    All new parents get warned by all existing parents to say goodbye to sleep — and it’s true, the early days are exhausting! After a few weeks though, you’ll start to work around your baby’s

    editor's picks | 9 minutes read

    Why Security Matters When Choosing a Baby Monitor

    There are many stories on how unscrupulous individuals hacked baby monitors and controlled the device. Hackers have different reasons why they want to gain access to something as innocent

    editor's picks | 6 minutes read

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